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Re: WeeklyTournaments

 by DonnieBrasco ¦  Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:20 pm ¦  Forum: Weekly Challenges & Events ¦  Topic: WeeklyTournaments ¦  Replies: 1642 ¦  Views: 35888

At the moment i need a 48h day to be able to do everything that is on my list. Last night i found time to do around 20 runs for the meanwhile closed challenge. I had no time so far to render and upload, but i wasn't near Luny's time anyway. 2.43 min on hardcore and 2.40 on sport. On sport it could h...

Re: WeeklyTournaments

 by DonnieBrasco ¦  Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:17 pm ¦  Forum: Weekly Challenges & Events ¦  Topic: WeeklyTournaments ¦  Replies: 1642 ¦  Views: 35888

...But what ubisoft did with the bikes is rubbish, i used to run long highway run FDC's on C class bikes and it was pretty good, then the keyboard players started to complain about the steering lock and as a result the wheel users got screwed badly. Now for me the bikes are truly rubbish and dont f...

Re: FH3 Game Play Experience

 by DonnieBrasco ¦  Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:47 pm ¦  Forum: Forza Horizon 3 ¦  Topic: FH3 Game Play Experience ¦  Replies: 44 ¦  Views: 2985

I made a couple of videos already in this game. There are also a couple more videos on my channel from FH3. Have fun watching. ( I hope everyone can watch them. I remember i got a mess...

Re: Post your Xbox live game tag here.

 by DonnieBrasco ¦  Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:43 pm ¦  Forum: Forza Horizon 3 ¦  Topic: Post your Xbox live game tag here. ¦  Replies: 9 ¦  Views: 645

I started 4 weeks ago. My Xbox-Gamertag is CNxDonnie (i wasn't able to use a better one that still links to my common gamertag.)

Re: WeeklyTournaments

 by DonnieBrasco ¦  Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:37 pm ¦  Forum: Weekly Challenges & Events ¦  Topic: WeeklyTournaments ¦  Replies: 1642 ¦  Views: 35888

Next week challenge: Fresh Air Code: FJGHBCJ Vehicle required: Any Circuit Spec Motorbike As allways, cuts not allowed but there none on this one If bikes are on in the next challenge i skip the challenge. No offense, have fun with it ;) , but since they changed the handling in april 2016 i can't g...

Re: WeeklyTournaments

 by DonnieBrasco ¦  Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:55 pm ¦  Forum: Weekly Challenges & Events ¦  Topic: WeeklyTournaments ¦  Replies: 1642 ¦  Views: 35888

I have a question about music copyright for future videos: Can I upload a video with a background song from a popular artist/group? (Metallica or Queens Of The Stone Age for example) As Donnie uses a lot of original non in game music, you should ask him. I assume it is related to where you are from...

Re: Tips & Trickz For The Crew

 by DonnieBrasco ¦  Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:26 pm ¦  Forum: The Crew Game ¦  Topic: Tips & Trickz For The Crew ¦  Replies: 117 ¦  Views: 5191

Thank you Luny :) I will forward it to the one who needs it. :rightthumbup:

Re: WeeklyTournaments

 by DonnieBrasco ¦  Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:29 pm ¦  Forum: Weekly Challenges & Events ¦  Topic: WeeklyTournaments ¦  Replies: 1642 ¦  Views: 35888

Here is my final run for this week. Have fun watching. :character-blues:

best time: 2:44.583 min.

Re: WeeklyTournaments

 by DonnieBrasco ¦  Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:39 pm ¦  Forum: Weekly Challenges & Events ¦  Topic: WeeklyTournaments ¦  Replies: 1642 ¦  Views: 35888

Just for the record here my best run of last week.

@Luny: Thank you for posting the other video. :rightthumbup: Feel free to post my stuff, whenever you want and i forget it. :)

Re: WeeklyTournaments

 by DonnieBrasco ¦  Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:09 pm ¦  Forum: Weekly Challenges & Events ¦  Topic: WeeklyTournaments ¦  Replies: 1642 ¦  Views: 35888

Here's my video with the fastest run for this weeks challenge. Unfortunately i found not much time this week, in fact i had my first and only runs today, but i think my best time is not that bad for an half-an-hour session. :) best time: 2:20.989 (hardcore) I had also a ...

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