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By grooks10
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Although I have never played the original GT Legends game as it was on PC only, there is exciting news of a new game in the series!
RaceDepartment have been made aware of an ambitious new project to rekindle the spirit of yesteryear with a return of the fabled GT Legends franchise, bringing a much anticipated sequel to the 2005 hit title some 11 years after its original release.

Simon Lundell is heading up new development team Tiny Feet Studios who aim to bring a second installment of the fabulous game to PC sim racers sometime in the coming years.

Although the project is very much in its infancy at this stage, RaceDepartment have been speaking with the team recently and share the enthusiasm for this project and the prospect of once again recreating the classic age of racing on modern PC simulators around the globe.

Simon is no stranger to GTL as he formed part of the SimBin development team that re-released on Steam classic titles RACE Injection, RaceRoom Racing Experience and its derivatives, GTR, GTR 2 and GT Legends. Leaving SimBin during the Swedish developers bankruptcy struggles in 2013, Simon has been concentrating his efforts on bringing the GT Legends name back into the gaming arena.

Speaking to RaceDepartment, Simon had the following to say regarding the future of GT Legends

"Ever since the SimBin bankruptcy I have been working towards the GT Legends rebirth. I finally have all the paperwork in place to let you know of our plans. There are a lot challenges, and a long project, ahead of us but we remain excited and motivated for the challenges ahead and look forward to bringing a game people will love to race."
Source: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/b ... ed.117260/

Even though this once again appears to be a PC-only title, I will certainly be following its development because I am a huge enthusiast of historical racing content! The RaceDepartment forum appears to be in contact with the developers, so they will be posting updates over on their site. I will try to follow along and relay the information over here as it appears.
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By Bezrider
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Love these games with some of the older cars in them :D
Used to love cruising and racing in old cars in TDU so will definitely be keeping an eye on this. ;)
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By grooks10
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Bezrider wrote:Love these games with some of the older cars in them :D
Used to love cruising and racing in old cars in TDU so will definitely be keeping an eye on this. ;)
Driving along the western coast in that Maserati 3500 GT was a dream! I just hope the devs consider bringing this game to console. But I doubt that would ever happen. They don't have a big enough audience there. :(
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By MadManCK
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GTL was one of the better Simbin games. These cars were used for rFactor mods, where you could import the whole game basically. Accessing al the 300+ available tracks at the time was awesome.

These classic GT's have soul. You need to work the suspension and it is a great tribute to analogue racing.

SimBin was founded by Ian Bell, who ran the SBDT forum (one of the best car game forums ever) and a Swedish GT driver. They went separate ways after a few releases. Ian Bell now runs SMS and pCars.
But there were more talented devs there who did not went that direction.

We will see if they can deliver, but it will be a cool game to look out for. Maybe we can send him a PM
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