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By MadManCK
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According to VideoGamer, a new Burnout sucessor is in the making. These were less serious but fun to play racing games. NFS has tried to copy some of it, but failed.
Wonder what this game will be like :party:

http://www.videogamer.com/ps4/dangerous ... _game.html
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By grooks10
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Well, I know that a lot of the developers who used to work for Criterion (the Burnout dev team) went independent and recently released a game that was like demolition golf or something. I don't remember its name, but it was honestly the Burnout of minigolf. I also heard that if that game did well enough, they would be able to start working on a Burnout successor, but it will probably be under a different name since EA still holds the rights to the Burnout name, and they probably won't let that go for cheap!

But I have played Burnout 3 Takedown, Burnout Revenge, and Burnout Paradise, and I have loved all of them! I wish the series could be revived, but if this spiritual successor can capture the same intensity and fun of the Burnout games, then I am definitely supporting this team!

Edit: I just looked up the name of that golf game. It's called Dangerous Golf, and it actually looks pretty fun!

Edit 2: Or I could have just read the article before making a long-winded post. Haha
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By Bezrider
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Well it's finally here. :D
Had a lot of fun playing the last one. :auto-layrubber:
Burnout Paradise Remastered. (4K)
XBox One, PS4 and PC coming soon.
Tear it up in the ultimate driving playground, from hectic downtown avenues to
the wild mountain roads. Relive the high-octane stunts and wanton destruction of one of the greatest arcade-driving games ever!

This remaster includes all DLC from the Year of Paradise, including the Big Surf Island update,
meticulously recreated and ready to wreck in 4K on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Subscribe for upcoming Burnout Paradise Gameplay and Trailers: http://bit.ly/2ENLCHH

Burnout Paradise Remastered will be releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

EA Access members can start racing early on March 9 with the Play First Trial for 10 hours of unrestricted gameplay.

Release Date: March 16th, 2018

PC version, coming soon.
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