By SRT-8HellKat
Rank: Learner Driver
Come on PS4 people. I need DriveClub crew members. I am MatrixAgain69 on PSN. The game comes out in 6 hours 10 mins. Lets get on it. I am 80% racer 20% shooter. I'm real good at driving games except sim racing games. I can't feel the weight of the car so I don't drive to good. Doesn't anyone have a PS4 yet. I did on day 1, but The Crew & DriveClub didn't make day 1 PS4 date
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By mclaren6
Rank: Apprentice
Will not be playing day 1, Destiny released Iron banner :lol:
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By mclaren6
Rank: Apprentice
Still waiting on the PS+ Edition... :party:
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By Miao
Rank: Champion
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