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By Bezrider
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nice photos, so what's the game like is it worth buying and also is the story linear or can you go off and explore the map. :)
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By Fulysic
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Its good so far best played on gamepad well for me it felt smoother, it feels linear so far but i think it will change soon I will let you know as it is still on early mission's but so far its not worth $60 we will see how it progresses im also little bias i think Mad Max 1 & 2 was the best
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By Fulysic
Rank: Pit Crew
sort of have freedom bit like Far cry maybe bit more limited in things to do story is ok still feel it is not worth full asking price Australian voice overs suck i mean do we really sound like that :2thumbsup:

Fist screen shot was taken using there in game capture tool really nice tool The Crew should take a look at this tool :)

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