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By Purple44
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Was surprise to learn this about the new sandpit track: :o

Update #3 2014-04-17
Ben >>>
Adenru >>>
Going uphil in sandpit I couldn't but noticed I raced there yesterday... In FlatOut 1. The beginning also reminds me of prototype.
Track feels exactly like FlatOut should be.

A lot of people really liked the prototype track and since it wasn't in Flatout we were free to use it. So it actually is the prototype track but enhanced for our newer engine. We'll be improving on it still and it's only a work in progress at this point.
Bugbear goes "retro flat-out" - prototype track


Here some pics I took with the replay feature: :)

( right click pic and select View Image to see full size pic )



Here a pic of what a more advance GUI will look like for NCG replay feature ( the pic is long so I posted a link instead ):

http://i.imgur.com/r446TAl.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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By MadManCK
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I finally managed to get my wheel to work in Next Car Game and went for a couple of tarmac races

After a couple of trial and errors, i finally managed to win my first race on tarmac with 24 cars.
It is insane.

[BBvideo 640,360]http://youtu.be/s9rkyn7AI70[/BBvideo]

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By Bezrider
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Good driving MadManCK, and yes those 24 car races are a bit of a lottery. :lol:
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By MadManCK
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Nice vid :party:

Here another one. From Thomas of Fanatec, showing the new line up for the custom CSW, lol :laughing-rolling:

[BBvideo 640,360]http://youtu.be/lmK-qXkmUpE[/BBvideo]


We at Bugbear Entertainment are proud of what we do. We keep the bar high, and we keep our aim even higher. Often it takes a ridiculous amount of work to get something just right, and at times, you bang your head against the wall over and over again and still don’t find the right way. Sometimes you can’t make any progress at all without some good tools to get you going.

Take our driving physics, for example. When we hone how the cars behave on a gravel road we want it to feel just right, all the way down to the point where you can actually taste the sand in your mouth. In order to get there we need a good wheel and pedals to go with it so we can really determine if what we’re doing has that much needed magic in it.

We got a massive steering wheel package from Fanatec a couple of weeks ago. Their new Universal Hub lets you use your own wheel rim of whatever form, flavor or color you want to. Can you imagine the possibilities in a game like Next Car Game? Not only that, but Fanatec were also kind enough to hook us up with their new ClubSport Handbrake that will transform anyone into one of the Scandinavian rally masters. When you pimp this baby out with quality pedals and a sturdy shifter, you’re starting to approach that perfect feel of driving for real.

To put it mildly, this setup feels absolutely awesome! Fanatec’s massive wheel base gives a real kick in force feedback effects – you really have to put your back into it when you want your car to stay on the road in a tight curve. The pedals got just the perfect amount of resistance under your feet, and both the stick and handbrake work like a dream.

We love it.

After we got the whole setup assembled, half of our team had lined up to try it out. We’ve spent a ludicrous amount of hours in that leather seat, all of us, just enjoying the ride. We goofed off with all kinds of customizations for fun and giggles, and ended up creating a video about it. Despite the tongue in cheek approach the video clearly has, that’s pretty much how we roll here, and we ain’t ashamed of it either.

Watch the video after the jump, and check out FANATEC.COM for the availability of the Universal Hub and the ClubSport Handbrake.

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By MadManCK
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Some gameplay in the Sand Pit

[BBvideo 640,360]http://youtu.be/BpCS4PyfNd8[/BBvideo]

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By MadManCK
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Huge update for next car game (2.1gig)

Update 2014-07-03
3 juli - jannesBB
The first build on our new engine is out, and here's the change log:

Known Issues:

The alternative route on the new Sandpit1 does not exist.


Rewrote the engine.
Significantly simplified gameflow logic.
Added support for data hotloading.
Wrote a shiny new property editor.
Removed a ton of old legacy code.
Rewrote the effect system, note that certain effects are missing as of now.
Added a launcher option to set grass rendering distance.


Implemented LAN multiplayer for both race and derby, currently supports up 12 players. Please note that the performance of the server has a significant effect on the client's performance, and if the server is struggling you might experience additional lag on the clients. If you experiencing lag, it's recommended to lower the quality settings via the launcher.

Input System:

Added remapping support for XInput devices such as the X360 gamepad.
Added D-pad and look-around support for DirectInput devices.
Increased the amount of rebindable controls.
Added analogue handbrake support.
Added proper H-shifter support.


Improved AI behavior to help it stay on track better.
Added first draft of scoring events.


Implemented new damage system based on tracking deform instead of impacts.
Improved deformation to make the cars break apart in a more realistic manner.
The car that is heavier and traveling faster will now have an advantage in collision.
Fixed an issue where unlocked panels such as doors would not animate correctly.
Added a placeholder smoke effect for the critically damaged engine state.
Added a release state to all wheels so that they can be torn off.


Implemented an improved camera system.
Reworked all cameras, FOV, position, etc.

User Interface:

Rewrote the user interface platform.
Implemented new Replay user interface.
Added a preliminary scoreboard to post-race.
Improved the main Garage UI somewhat to enhance usability.
Removed the vignette effect when getting damaged during gameplay.
Added support for fetching Steam user name and avatar.

Vehicles and Upgrades:

Added a new American Muscle car.
Reworked engine upgrade parts to mimic real-life parts.
Reworked the suspension setups for more authenticity.
Added first upgrade part descriptions.
Improved gamepad controller functionality.
Switched Anti-Spin assist to an improved Stability Control assist.

Vehicle Dynamics:

Added simulation of Ackermann steering geometry.
Improved shifting center of mass calculation when vehicle is airborne.
Improved simulation of viscous forces when driving on loose surfaces such as gravel.
Added engine shake calculated from the piston movement to simulate engine rumble.
Added support for turbochargers and superchargers, upgrade parts using this feature coming later.
Improved suspension simulation; center of mass now affects suspension.
Improved suspension geometry simulation.


Improved weathers to give a better sense of light.


Added a new Sandpit race track, still work-in-progress!
Enhanced various bits and pieces of the existing tracks.
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