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By Bezrider
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Can't wait to take this off road. :loll:
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By MadManCK
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Bezrider wrote:Can't wait to take this off road. :loll:
To Roll it down hill :P
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By MadManCK
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By Beardroid91
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Goliath wrote:Oh, Regera <3
It is fast as hell and brakes very good, and decent in the corners, but it feels like it has major turbo lag :P

- -

I won a Bentley Continental GT Speed as a Spin reward after i won 200K before it :mrgreen:
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By grooks10
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Bezrider wrote:Car pack :D
They sure do get car packs out quick for these games! People seem annoyed by the fact that these cars came out so soon after release though; a bunch of people think they should have been in the game on release. Honestly, I think that's a terrible argument. If people really didn't think the game was worth $60 without extra content, then they never should have purchased the game in the first place! Or just don't buy the DLC! The car list is already huge, and if you feel like you're missing out that much because of seven new cars (four or five of which they probably wouldn't use anyway), then they are not playing the game with the right mindset.
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By MadManCK
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To develop a car; including modeling, physics, damage & deformation and not to forget tuning options, body kits and stickers, requires a lot of time and effort.
One of the reasons why most Racing games are released with a base car pack, soon® to be followed by DLC. These DLC packs are usually developed seperately and they start develop them while the base game gets finished for release. Sometimes sooner.

And with a release pack of 350 cars, people should not complain about FH3. 8-)

Only thing i do complain about is the fact i can still not play. What use are those fancy shiny Car Packs when you can not drive them.... :roll:
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