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By oddracer996
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I've had pretty much the same issue with the game all last week. Wouldn't get past the continue screen in the main menu. It would crash just before loading into the game. I tried all the fixes listed here as well Forza

I am not sure why but I'm not going to question it since I can actually play the game. I made sure my graphics drivers were up to date, which is 373.06 now. Then I went into my Nvidia control panel, found Horizon 3 in the program settings and only changed two things. I set power management mode to prefer maximum performance, and set threaded optimization to on. I am running this off of a gaming laptop so I'm not sure if desktops can make use of this, I would assume they can though.

The game so far has booted up after multiple computer restarts and shut downs. It still crashes every once and a while in the garage or before starting a race but I'm just happy I can start the game and drive.
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