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By Beardroid91
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@ Mad it is the windows settings you need to deactivate the mic, it worked wonders for me ;)

I am running it buttery smooth at 2560x1440p at ultra 60 FPS, and i haven't noticed any lag at all while playing and everything looks fantastic.

I rock a 4790K @ 4,6 ghz, 16 GB ram and a GTX 1070 FTW (not overclocked yet)

And FH3 only used 6GB at the most and the GPU with stock fan only got 62*c so this game is nothing for my rig it just eats it up :mrgreen:

The only small lag is the server loading / sync. of cars and paints as it takes a long time, or it begane to take longer as had been running the game for 3+ hours.
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By Beardroid91
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Prepsi wrote:The issue with the crashing at startup is caused by Avast.
Phantom Avast now, lol don't even have it installed, it is the microphone that needs to be deactivated for it to work or so others have stated on the forum, and it also worked for me.
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By MadManCK
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dpuff wrote:Mostly I'm having performance issues, mainly because my video card needs an upgrade from MSI GTX 960 to something higher in the $400 range. Also the game does not recognize my G27 wheel and it won't let me assign custom keys even to the default wheel profile. Other than that the gameplay is pretty much "Unlimited." :wink:
You can grab a GTX1070 or just place another GTX960 next to it. SLI is supported. But can also give issues with some games. Not everything scales well or is supported. Latest games usually are. And an extra GTX960 will be the cheap alternative option. It will give GTX980 performance.

But a brand new Pascal based GTX1070 with 8g of Vram is the best option. :mrgreen:
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By Beardroid91
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MadManCK wrote:But a brand new Pascal based GTX1070 with 8g of Vram is the best option. :mrgreen:
That depends on his screen res. if he is at 1080p a 1060 would be perfect, but if he plans to step it up a notch to QHD or 4K he needs a 1070, but the 1060 can still play well at QHD ;)
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By Bezrider
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I've now gone from the game playing ok with no problems whatsoever yesterday to turning my PC on today and the game crashes on start-up. :angry-banghead:
WTF I haven't changed a thing, I even tried turning off the mic but no luck. :(

Now I can't play at all. :facepalm:
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By MadManCK
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This is getting annoying. The small update of 30mb gives an error message and tries to redownload over and over again, only to repeat the error message.

I start to believe MS is incompetent in releasing PC games.

Maybe i should ask for a refund as i still have not been able to play this game. :roll:

The good news is that you can now download the demo
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By GeforcerFX
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Well I can say after reinstalling windows 10 when my new SSD came (decided to do it to cleanup some crap instead of a clone) the game has worked ok. I decided to cap it at 30 FPS and it plays fine for me performance wise. Gameplay is ok, the racing is great, it's Forza so it's definitely nice. But man I can't get over how meh the map is, the crew and tdu/tdu2 has really spoiled my ability to enjoy other open world racing games, they have set a bar that no other game has been able to reach. I have tried exploring and cruising around but doubling back on myself 5 times in a 10 min period then looking at the map and realizing that there is maybe 9 miles if asphalt in the area I am exploring is just sad. I mean the longest race in the game takes 12 min in a medium speed vehicle, compare that to highway child and the size difference becomes apparent.
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By grooks10
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The interesting thing here is that I haven't heard anyone else complaining about issues on the PC. You guys seem to be the only ones having game-breaking bugs. Or maybe I'm just not keeping my eyes open enough. Are the Forza forums any help to you guys?
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By MadManCK
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I have decided not to get involved on MS Fora. Just acting like an end user here ;)
If they had done a beta, it would have been a different story.
And i do have a habit to make everything work. Even against the odds.
MS has created a non customer friendly PC Gamer environment, where you have to search for your own content. Unintuitive.

Just compare it to Steam.... :facepalm:

FH3 uninstalled and redownloaded, but it keeps giving errors on the download now. And i don't have time to workout fixes for issues that should not have been there in the first place.

I have not asked for a refund, but should have.
As others seem to enjoy the game once it works, i'll keep it :mrgreen:

Any attempt from a program to monitor activity or behave suspisious will be terminated on my PC. And i won't change that, especially not for M$.
I did not get any messages though.

But the download issues are weird, as i could start the game before. The last update keeps giving an error.
I have tried to donwload the game 5x now and it simply won't save.

I'll wait untill the next update to try again. :party:

Or maybe i'll try the MS CS Chat on Monday. ;)

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