Discuss the possible next release in the TDU franchise
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By MadManCK
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Thanks for the little research. :2thumbsup:

I have done a small cruise with Alain and David once. Alain was a cool dude.
Without Atari, they might improve the driving physics to rallye standards. With driving help for Arcade players.

The creative part is very important for TDU. It was also a bit of art. If they can catch the good vibe of the original TDU and TDU2, they have a winner.

The driving, the game play and the social part of TDU is what makes it special.

I'm looking forward to this new project too.

No we have to find out how long they are working on this project already.

Hard to say, I tried looking to see if a ™ was registered recently and couldn't find one. I can only assume they are just getting started until I hear something different. If it is being developed by Kylotonn, then we can safely assume they will be using their own internal game engine not the Havok Engine that TDU used. One thing I found interesting today is Kylotonn's website removed the text "Test Drive Unlimited 3" under their Games, Coming-soon and replaced it with "Eat My Dust" which was a 1997 PC game made by Sierra games. Either they are making a sequel to Eat My Dust as well, or the project got pulled from their studio and sent someplace else...or maybe they wanted to throw the hounds off the scent for now, not sure which, but I found that odd considering Eat my dust is probably Trademarked (so I hope they own it lol)

I hope they return to Oahu, my feeling is that much of the old TDU community would really like that (much more than an entirely new location).
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By MadManCK
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According to this post on TDU France, they paid 900.000€ for the license. A lot less than the 1.5M USD they asked before.

Still a lot of money for just the franchise name.


Google translate:
"We are more than confident about the quality of this franchise appreciated by the players." "Said Alain Falc, CEO of Bigben Interactive. "Our teams are very excited to be able to work on this license that has already proved its worth - the Test Drive Unlimited 2 game having sold 1.8 million copies.
The firm specializing in the design and distribution of video games and accessories, audio and mobile products, completes its catalog as part of its "Horizon 2018" plan and aims to offer new titles from the Test Drive franchise Unlimited.

Atari retaining the operating rights of all previous Test Drive games for the future
This answers a few questions.

1. They can not use older TDU versions to improve or port to other platforms.
2. It will be released in 2018, according to plans.
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