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By MadManCK
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Gaid just said they will reschedule

OK due to techincal issues the inaugural live stream has been postponed.
It is now official. So better luck next time i guess.

I can not imagine this to be an Ivory error. Must be an external source? Maybe an attack or something.
This looks amateurish. Maybe someone hacked the live stream.

On the other hand, Crew2 is still very alpha state. Might be too soon® to stream. Game does crash on occasion still.
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By grooks10
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So originally, I thought the Rewards Program in The Crew 2 was a cool way to give back to the players who put in a lot of time in the first game. But now that I have already unlocked 13 of the possible 15 vehicles so far, I feel like this is going to make my time in The Crew 2 way too easy at the start. And considering how small the car list was in the first game at release, I feel like this is probably making a huge dent in what's available in the second game. It's almost like I would rather work for the cars I'm just being given. Does anyone else feel this way? And does anyone know if there is a way to opt out of the Rewards Program?
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By MadManCK
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The Cars are a way to keep the community together and transfer them to Crew2.

I do not think that 15 vehicles will be a game breaker. Crew2 game dynamics are a bit different.
And in the end you want to collect all cars in the game, at least i do.

Most pre-order deals will also provide extra cars or car packs. Crew1 had this as well. Most will be time exclusive.

I would not worry too much about it. Especially not about gift cars :D
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By Lunytrickz
Rank: Weekly challenge Winner
Yea, and just about all the cars ya get from the awards are not high on my wanted list, if at al :mrgreen:
By neongod666
Rank: Rookie
I know you couldn't say about much due to your nda Madmanck, I wonder when we will learn more about the dynamic of the cars as it seems the rewards seem to be certain specs ie the jeep monster truck, so does that mean each car only has one spec now or will there still be a stock version of a car then specs to buy for it aswell, and then of course theres the tuning,
It'd be great if they pulled there finger out on the info as the game is due in little over 3 months.
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By MadManCK
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Some game dynamics are different, but multiple specs of the same car might be possible. I have not played the test version enough to get to the next levels.

Expect it to be more arcade. And less realism.
On the other hand there will be a pro league.... :party:
By neongod666
Rank: Rookie
Well I can only hope the beta comes soon and I am lucky enough to get a code for it.
I don't mind the arcade element as Forza has lost my interest with Forza 7 as they made so manmy changes its awful to play, I've been playing every other racing game I can think of to tide time til Crew 2.
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So pro league? Do you imagine TC2 on E sports? (full of ppl doing BoT abuse and cuting track everytime; and they have the guts to call thmeselves "skilled players" :loll: )
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By MadManCK
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Unfortunately not that kind of pro league. But the type of racers will be surprising.

Fact that most Crew1 perpetrators are active during these tests, says enough about the intentions of IT to keep things clean :roll:

But i did enjoy myself driving around and doing some races. Game looks good. 8-)
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By Bezrider
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Looks link The Crew 2 will be delayed. :(
Link: Crew 2 Delay
Meanwhile, The Crew 2 development team at Ivory Tower will use the next several months to perform additional playtests, gather player feedback, and continue working towards delivering an ambitious open-world racing experience that meets the team’s and our players’ expectations.
Looks like another speed bump. :roll:
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