Post your Weekly Challenges & Events for The Crew Game
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By MadManCK
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Post your new challenges here.

Results, screenshots and videos go in the weekly tournaments thread.

Rules are simple


Max length about 3 minutes.
Creator posts a demo video of the run.
Car, class or group of cars can be picked by the author.

All scores with screenshots and video if possible.
Please keep it clean and avoid using glitches or other dirty means to get a top score, like rail riding or wall bouncing.
Cutting can be done on occasion, but track maker can request not to do that. Depending on track and type of event.

No slipstreaming allowed. Unlike The Crew might suggest, team work is not an option on these challenges.

Every challenge ends on Sunday at 18.00 CEST.

Winner of this weeks challenge makes next weeks challenge. So you have one week to prepare your run.
If the same player wins twice in a row, someone else can be appointed by the winner or staff to make the new challenge.
So nobody can make two challenges in a row.

Try to post at least one video before the weekend, so all can see the best route and time reference.

The winner can share a winning car picture. That will go on the front page of this site. (Format 1170x320)

Have fun :D

For the results, check Ralphs spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet

PS To avoid posts going in the wrong thread, i will lock this until next weeks challenge can be posted. :mrgreen:
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By Bezrider
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As well as getting the photo of their choice on the forum banner the winner will also get a badge displayed next to his/her profile for that week to show they are this weeks winner.
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By Beardroid91
Rank: Petrol Head
So i'm not 100% sure if it is me or not, but here is a challenge.

Event - F8ZGTF4 - Btw found a error in the challenge, as there is a effective cut through the fences, please use the road around not the cut.

Chevy Camaro RS 1969 Perf. spec- :P
Was thinking about the big fat caddy but seeing as i struggled just to get it over the first jumps it was a no go.
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By MadManCK
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Next weeks challenge is something different.
It is called;

Bad Boy, what you gonna do

Car: Dodge Challenger SRT8 Dirt

Mission: pick up a prisoner and help him escape to the orange landing strip. :mrgreen:

Code: D3GQD4Q
The Crew Screenshot 2017.10.29 -
The Crew Screenshot 2017.10.29 -
The Crew Screenshot 2017.10.29 -
Vid later :party:
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By The-DOG
Rank: Apprentice
Ok, thanks to Lunytrickz her generous offer of letting me make the next challenge...
Thank you Lunytrickz :2thumbsup:

Here is my challenge: A Ruff day at the tracks.
I picked a car without the use of nitro, so it will
all come down to apexing and weight shift smoothness
without the nitro to make up for mistakes. :mrgreen:
Good luck :rightthumbup:

Code = F7VXGGT
Car = Stock Ruf RT35
Track = Golden Hills racingtrack
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By Lunytrickz
Rank: Petrol Head
Here's the next weeks challenge "Yeti's Haowl"
wanted to mix things up ^^
"Yeti" as in snow- (start of the winter) monster (Mt spec)
first i wanted to call it "Yeti's Humm" for the Hummer H1 Alpha monstertruck
but i guess a snowmonster dosn't realy "humm" :mrgreen:
btw: watch the video carefully, there's a twist in the laps 8-)

Challenge: Yeti's Haowl
Code: C6P3D5B
Car: Hummer H1 Alpha monstertruck spec
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