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By MadManCK
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Game play is so much smoother with a controller. I would never pick keyboard an mouse.
Besides, i'm in a lazy chair with the wireless. Best way to play on the big screen :lol:
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By Beardroid91
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MadManCK wrote:Game play is so much smoother with a controller. I would never pick keyboard an mouse.
Besides, i'm in a lazy chair with the wireless. Best way to play on the big screen :lol:
Indeed, love my wireless controller too 8-)
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By MadManCK
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I fixed the cell loading error in dungeons by re-installing SMIM and by letting it overwrite everything.

Still not using LOOT or any other load order manager.

So far it seems to work OK.
Did a restart, used "Live Another Life", escaped from the abandoned prison and immediately went to Goldir to help him deal with Valen. That was a tough match. On such low levels you have no room for mistakes.
I play on Expert level with combat mod, so it is really more tough even than Legendary in vanilla Skyrim.

I have two followers now, Goldir and a wench (Violet) i picked up in Whiterun. As long as you do not go to Helgen, Unbound will not start. This gives you the chance to level up, run some errands and local quests and build your character a bit.

SkyTEST works awesome as well. I now have a puppy :D

I tried the massive Osmodius texture overhaul, but it looks way too clean for Skyrim to me. So i removed it.
Only SMIM, Vurts Flora overhaul, Nordic Snow and Isokus water textures. Game has a pretty good weather setting by default and the distant views are not too bad either.

What a difference with the original skyrim. :eeek:
Of course my über modded skyrim looked even better, but the amount of effort and fixing to get it stable is beyond belief.

Especially the loading times are so short, that i dont think i will install Open Cities this time.
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By MadManCK
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Just joined the companions. This reminded me that i was using a mod on "Old" Skyrim, that made you do over 20 missions before your final trial. In 64bit skyrim i got my trial after i smacked in Mikael's head in the Bannered mare. And that was my first mission for the companions. A bit unimersive.

There are some mods that badly need to be ported to the SE version, like wearable lanterns ;)

The good part is that i barely got stuck, with the occasional exception. The 64bit version is much more stable than the original. Not too hard to achieve :P

Starting from scratch also reminded me how i hate weight management in Skyrim. Very annoying and unimmersive. Not to mention the shopkeepers and merchants who rip you off in the beginning. :roll:

At least i installed a "rich merchant" mod, so they will have enough to buy my fancy armors once i have the skills to make those. They have 10K gold and that will be doubled with levelling up. ;)

I continued to remove texture mods that did not look good with the rest. In the upcoming months a lot of favorite mods will be ported to the new game.

But i can already tell, that Skyrim has never ran so good on any of my systems. 8-)
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By MadManCK
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Already got that and still over-encumbered... :eeek:

Maybe i will get that Riekling porter in Solstheim later. :lol:

But first a Horse.
I really miss my favorite horse mods. Wild Horses was only available on Steam but the new Amazing Follower Tweaks seems to have integrated some of convenient horses. We'll see.

Playing from Live Another Life does slow down leveling a bit, when you have not been to Riverwood and the standing stones there. But i do have unlimited trainer, just like Morrowind had. Depends on your money how far you can train and you do not have to wait to level up before you can train another 5 points in just one discipline.

For me the game should start at 350/250/150 Health, Stamina and Magica. That would be much better balanced than it is now. But my Dragonborn is toughening up :mrgreen:
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By MadManCK
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I have a backpack, but it only adds 50 points of extra weight.

I think it comes with the camping mod. :mrgreen:

On my last playthrough in 32bit Skyrim i used a mod that made gold septims add wight. But it also had the ability to change for Merchant Guild notes.
In the past i have done some survival mods, but they never feel very well integrated in Skyrim. Especially not in the cold areas.

The other end of the spectrum is to alter the base levels of your character. You can do this with the console or with mods like the levelers tower.
In my previous playthrough i used a more simple mod that lets you adjust the starting levels and perks. Very nice to recreate a character, if your game froze for the 1000nd time :shock:

But, like mentioned before, i would like to start at a more realistic level next time. Right now it is still a hassle.
The combat mod is awesome but also makes it much more realistic. Activate the realistic damage plugin and prepare for a scary battle. Your opponents deal as much damage as you do, a lot of it. Best combat mod so far.
I don't even have to play on Legendary level to get a real challenge. Expert right now.

Smilodon - Combat of Skyrim ... mods/2824/?
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By MadManCK
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I used the +1000 carry weight ring to clear out the dungeon under Markarth and was still over-encumbered :lol:

So i had to melt down all Dwemer stuff with the melter. Combat becomes a bit more balanced now. But these Forsworn are nasty. I really miss a lot from my previous modded game. Amulets, spells, enchantments...

But the game runs like clockwork.

Now the graphics need to be done. The washed out textures are really a let down. That aint 4K. And most texture packs available are not very consistent with color theme or have visible repeating or bad transitions.

I did install the now popular Osmodius Texture pack. But it can be done a lot better.

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