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I've been playing a lot of Rimworld over the last few week and am really enjoying the game so I'm going to give it a bit of a review. :o
(all screen shots taken from the game i am playing now)
For those of you who have never heard of Rimworld it's a sort of survival game but very in-depth it has various ways to play but basically your colonists start out crash landing on the planets surface (you can pick the start location) and your goal is to keep them alive, build up a colony, trade with other colonists and fend off pirates and eventually build a ship and escape the planet. :D
You will also come across aliens and alien artefacts, these aliens are very dangerous and can be very powerful so best to avoid them till you are better prepared.
The graphics are very simple but are more that adequate as this game is all about the gameplay. ;)
It seems simple enough to start out with but you soon find out that these colonists each have his/her own personality and this will play a big part in surviving in this game.
When you first start the game you can just accept the random colonists the game gives you or you can pick your own, if you want any chance of surviving pick you own and pick carefully. :)
Someone good at mining for example might also be lazy or have a bad back, a good cook could also be a psychopath (you don't want to be giving one of those a knife :mrgreen: )
The first bit of the game is the hardest when you start out as you need to build somewhere for them to live and also find them some food source and at the same time look out for the many dangers that can and will happen from time to time (you can control these in the settings).
Once you get established you will need to start researching so your colony can grow and gain better technology but you need to keep a close eye on your colony as keeping them happy is also very important and also the choices you make to do this along the way as I found out. :shock:
I thought starting a brewery by growing hops then brewing beer would be a good thing to keep them happy but now because I didn't control the beer two of my colonists are alcoholics and will go into withdrawal and won't work if I don't let them have enough beer. :lol:
Still have a long way to go before i can start building that spaceship but will get it done or die trying :P
For anyone who is into this kind of game I think it is well worth buying and it has just had a big update adding lots of new features. :D

Some videos of a guy i like playing RimWorld.
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