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By The-DOG
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recently there has come some good news for people that like
to mess about in Eve online without having to pay a monthly fee.

the whole f2p concept is a nice idea to get more players in a game,
but in Eve online that was very much underdeveloped and not exactly
working any better then the whole "free trail period" as you could not
fly anything worth it.

Now they ar broadning that a huge amount by letting the f2p crowd
to be able to fly battlecruisers and even battleship fitted with t2 equipment.

a frigate with t1 equipment is not something anybody would fear or run from
but a good fitted battlecruiser is something to behold and be weary of.

Here is the artical about the changes :2thumbsup: ... 1819295206
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By MadManCK
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Usually it is free to play, pay to win :mrgreen:
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By The-DOG
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MadManCK wrote:
Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:21 pm
Usually it is free to play, pay to win :mrgreen:
in this case thats also true because paying players have a omega clone and the abillity to have
the big boy's ship's and equipment as well no cap on skill points.
f2p players are stopped at 5m skill points, can't use black ops, t3 ships and a lot of other stuff.

so before they only had the possibility to jump into 3 ships and t1 equipment while now they can actually
fly battlecruisers and battleship while also using t2 weaponery and equipment. that makes a huge difference.

it used to be a 2 week trail period with a big cap on skillpoints, then f2p with a huge cap on skill points and abillity's
while now you can actually spend about 6 months before you reach the 5m skill point cap and still have a dangerous
ship to mess about with.

I would not recommend messing about with my 10+ year old toons, but in a big fleet (10 or more) roaming around lo sec or nul sec
in a battlecruiser is now very much possible and can be lots of fun without the need to spend money on a fee every month.

You might even make enough isk (ingame currency) to buy a plex (pilot license extension token) worth 30 days of omega gameplay
on ya f2p account/. accounts.

as the artical said there are even f2p corporations now that are solely made to help f2p players.
and since im still a billionair on my toons i can even offer some startup cash for any who want's to try it out
so you don't need a weeks long grind to buy a nicer ship and skill books and such.
and offer help to get thru missions and such if wanted.
for a starter 15 million isk is a huge amount of money for example
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