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By Whoamus
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Does look interesting. I think I will have way more to do and play reinstalling Skyrim, plus not sure Witcher gameplay is to my liking. Most of my home improvement work has been done so now I have some free time. Going to be starting work but only part time driving school bus so will have free time to play a bit more now.
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By MadManCK
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Whoamus wrote:part time driving school bus so will have free time to play a bit more now.
Do you sing for them as well?

Must be a fun job :D

In regards to Skyrim, there are so many good mods, you can tailor your game just the way you like it. And make it look like next gen graphics as well.
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By Whoamus
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MadManCK wrote:
Do you sing for them as well?

Must be a fun job :D
No singing, can't torture the children :lol:

I drove school bus 30+ years ago and enjoyed it. Think it will be fun now. Pays pretty well for part time work and the bus company is one block from my home so I can walk to work.

I will browse for Skyrim mods when I am ready to start playing again. Still having lots to do in Fallout 4.
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By MadManCK
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As i still can not get into FH3, i started a new playtrough in Skyrim.

For this one, i disabled Falskaar and Wyrmstooth, the best new land mods around, as i want to focus on improved gameplay, moves and behavior. I need room for more mods that improve gameplay. And i already played both these epic mods at least a dozen of times.

I also picked a new Mountain and rocks mod, that adds different types of rocks in the different areas of Skyrim.

After i selected the mods i want to use, i applied DynDoLOD for the best viduals.
As the dynamic lods are so good, you do not need to load a larger grid. So i went back to the default 5x5 grid. This improves load times and avoids events being triggered too soon®

To make DynDoLOD work, you need to do the following:
  • Select the mods you want to use with Mod Manager
  • Place them in the right load order with LOOT
  • Manually adjust the load order if needed. (Amazing follower tweaks needs to be at the end of the order and not where LOOT places it, for example)
  • Clean all mods and the base game, including DLC, with TES5Edit
  • Apply patches like ASIS and FNIS to avoid conflicts and make them work together better.
  • Install DynDoLOD resources and let it overwrite everything
  • Install Indistinguishable Vanilla Tree Billboards and let it overwrite everything
  • Unpack DynDoLOD in a seperate folder, outside of the game folder
  • Run TexGen.exe to create LOD textures, based on your load order Mods (takes less than 10 minutes with my 250 Mods list)
  • Run DynDoLOD (takes about 30 minutes with my 250 Mods list)
  • Copy the content of the DynDoLOD output folder in the Skyrim/Data folder and let it overwrite everything
  • Activate DynDoLOD in your Mod Manager and you're good to go.
It looks complicated but is not really. And the result is awesome. It just takes some time.


PS I selected the highest possible settings for the textures and Tree LODs. Also created LODs for all World spaces. And it still took me less than one Hour to complete the LOD creation.

Important is not to add any new mods that change world space items. Better not to add anything new at all, once you have started a new game.
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By MadManCK
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Skyrim Special Edition will be released on 28th of October

Great news for PS4 owners. Bethesda and Sony have agreed to support modding for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim on the PS4.

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By MadManCK
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I reached L100 within one Week. But i have to add that i used a mod that lets you adjust your start skills. I leveled everything to 50, instead of the default 15-25. Also boosted health to 500 and both Stamina and Magic to 250.

The main reason is that i really don't like mining ore, forging 100 daggers, sharpening and enchant them just to level up so you can forge a proper steel armor.
And as i play on Legendary level, you still have to avoid most fights in the beginning.

I used one of the hardest versions of "Live Another Life" and started by escaping this cell. You start in a rough spun tunic and with just 1 lockpick :lol:
The prison is haunted and sneaking past these ghosts is a challenge. So i beat them. That one was really close. As i also use death alternative, you have to be careful not to get robbed while down etc. Finally managed to get to the first ranger cabin, grabbed some gear and made some potions and made it to Whiterun, using the river beds, to join the companions. I completely ignored the civil war and also did not go near Helgen before L80. So no dragons either in the beginning of the game. This gave me the chance to do a lot of local quests and level up quickly.

I'm now finally for the first time in Riften and trying a new mod that lets you put the Thieves guild in Jail, including Maven :lol:

Always wondered why it was not possible to extinguish that guild. The missions are fun, but what they make you do is not. So this mod is just what the doctor ordered.

Right now i'm making new LODs as i was not totally convinced about the brownish color of the new mountains. They just do not fit in Skyrim. From a distance they looked cool, but the parallax effect was a bit off and there were a lot of visible seems and stretch marks. Also the color makes no sense in places like Markarth where the city is carved from local rock.
So nice try, but back to An Old Friends (AOF) Mountains. These are also part of my texture pack combiner. But i manually overwrote them now.

As these change the looks of the game i have to make new LODs.
I also forgot to patch for "Lanterns of Skyrim" and "Open Cities", so that has to be done as well.
Like mentioned in an earlier post, DynDOLOD takes some effort, but in the end the results are awesome.

PS You can always make changes to textures in an existing play through. Just don't change the load order of the mods and use all patches again to make all compatible.
Only removal of scripted mods can and will mess up your game.
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By MadManCK
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I have it for Oldrim. Originally it was only in German. But it is basically a completely different game, based on the Skyrim engine. No dragonborn...

It can mess up your normal Skyrim game, i think. Has a seperate launcher. if i try it, it will be on Oldrim. I don´t want to mess up my curent L153 save. :lol:
And that is without even going to Solstheim or any other location....
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By Bezrider
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Yes it needs to be installed on an un-modded Skyrim with the installer not NMM but as NMM allows different profiles now it shouldn't be a problem. :D
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