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By Whoamus
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Was thinking I may reinstall this so a question or two for those who play with mods. I know there are a ton of mods so hoping those who use them will have some advice.

First a comparison of sorts, not really a mod question. Between this and The Witcher 3, which one do you think has a better RPG feel/play? As noted in other posts, I like playing more of a sneaky thief type vs a head bashing type. Does Witcher 3 allow for that sort of play? I have played Skyrim but not the other. Thinking I may like something newer but not sure at this point.

Is there a good mod to replace the main story line? Really never liked the whole Dragon born thing, would rather just play as an adventurer. I know I could just bypass the main quest but wondered if someone modded this somehow.

What are any good recommendations for graphics updates? As I recall the basic game was sort of bland colored. Something in high res with better graphics.
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By Beardroid91
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Well, Skyrim is an epic game you have just about limitless options for what you can do and the main stories are decent enough, All hail Ulrich and the Stormcloaks death to the Imperial scum. :mrgreen:

(my profile picture is the Stormcloaks bear logo) :P

And in Skyrim you can choose how you want to play it, whether it is a heavyamour ax murderer, a sneaky bowman or a mage if you like magic bits ;)

But imo. The Witcher 3 Wildrun is more predetermined as your pretty much only progress through a storyline and solve contracts for the locals, you have Gerald as your main character, and the playstyle of Witcher 3 is 3 person view with a very up close and personal feel with intens fights. But i find that i completely forget time and place when i play it as the storyline continues and intensifies.

Also if you like eye-candy then Witcher 3 is your game its graphics are.. well lets just leave it at wow. While Skyrim is showing it's old age when it comes to the graphics, but the team behind Skyrim is working on a Skyrim refresh version with new graphics so there is hope for it.

But when Skyrim got released it was topnotch, but that was on 11-11-11 it got released and back then the graphics was epic, but by now it feels dated, and you have to run mods to make it look better, with leads us on to the MODs.

Mod's in Skyrim can be a blessing and a curse, as if you run many mods together they might conflict... just ask Madman how many hours or well days he have spend sorting his what 80+ mods.

So to conclude it, Witcher 3 is epic, but Skyrim is a classic already and is/was loved but an insane amount of players as it was the first really free world RPG, Oblivion was good to, but Skyrim is many times better.

So you can't go wrong with either of these two games.
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By Whoamus
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I knew Witcher was graphically superior but I also want to play something I would enjoy. I have read about that game, lots of quests and things to do but not sure I want to be limited to one character type playing. That refresh of Skyrim sounds good, I enjoyed that game for the most part, just did not care much for main story line. Really enjoying Fallout 4 and graphics are pretty decent there. Run graphics on high setting with 1070, no problem. I am in no hurry to buy another game so maybe waiting for redo of Skyrim might be best for me.
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By MadManCK
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For Graphics, use Realvision ENB, most easy to install.
There are plenty of high res overhauls. Checkout the Nexus for that.

I use "live another life", from Arthmoor. And probably all his other mods, including Open Cities.
Open Cities lets you walk in and out the city without the loading screens. Battles can continue and it is much more immersive.

There are mods that alter the main storyline or even remove the dragon part. Never tried those, as i'm a natural Dragonborn :lol:

But in the best playthroughs, like my current one, i completely ignored the civil war and only did some part of the Dragon story. If you just leave Alduin on the throat of the World, the story simply stops. Besides the occasional dragon attacks. Don't learn the Dragonrend shout :lol:

There are some mods that intensify or overhaul certain factions, like the companions or thieves guild. And change the way sneaking or other "skills" work, so it becomes a lot more immersive to play.

Best is to take some time and browse the Nexus. User rating might give a good idea if something works right ;)
I run about 250 mods now and use ASIS and a savegame cleaner to get rid of conflicts.

SkyUI and SKSE are needed to enable larger scripts and have in game control of mods.
Use LOOT to set them all in the right sequence.
Nexus MOD manager has evolved a lot.

There are mods that use HDT physics extentions. From facial expressions to hair, capes and boobies.

USLEEP is the community mod that fixes most bugs. But it is for legendary edition only now. All DLC.

To get better distant scenery, you can use DynDoLOD. It makes custom LODs based on your installed mods.
And off course the increase to a 7x7 grid in the INI. Larger will trigger events too soon®

Simply too much to point out in a single post. :party:
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By Bezrider
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The way I would sum it up is. :mrgreen:
If you want diversity re-playability and lots of mods go for Skyrim.
If you want in-depth story telling lots of graphical I-candy and a more linier story line then it's the The Witcher 3
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By MadManCK
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I will post some screenies soon®

Sometimes images tell more than 1000 words.

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By Whoamus
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Thanks for all the info and suggestions. Will probably reinstall Skyrim and look for mods once I am tired of Fallout 4. That may take a while, lots to do and see there yet.
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By MadManCK
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There are also other types of Mods. Mods that add new worlds and new gameplay.

Or this new mod, originally in German, but now translated to English. A total new adventure, based on the Skyrim engine. But not a normal Skyrim mod.
It is basically a new game. ... w%3D&pUp=1
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By MadManCK
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It is a whopping 7.8G download lol. :eeek:

I know games that are a lot smaller in size. :party:
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