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By MadManCK
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L200 now. Never came this far in Skyrim due to corrupt saves or other in game errors.

It is amazing, considering i played with over 250 mods and another 300 texture mods in this playthrough. I also managed to finish all main quests; Alduin, Dragonborn (Miraak) and Dawnguard. But also Wyrmstooth and Falskaar main quests.

I never cared much for the Civil War, so that is the only side quest left to do. Best playthroughs are where you leave the CW as long as possible IMO.
I did enhance the Civil War experience by addin this mod:

WARZONES 2015 - Civil Unrest by MyGoodEye

It adds a lot of realism in battles. Disadvantage is that the game sometimes hangs for a moment when entering a CW area. It is a bit heavy on scripts, i think, but the extension is awesome. Lots of new armors as well. Greatly adds to the immersion of a land under war.

I even installed some new mods over my existing save. A tricky thing to do as it can mess up your game.

I mention a few:

The Notice Board by MannyGT

This will add notice boards outside inns with a number of small quests or errands you can run or do for various NPC throughout Skyrim. Very nicely done and also good for a few laughs as well. It has an Open Cities compatibility patch.
So instead of having just a single job to do for a Jarl, you can now do a number of things for people throughout the Hold.

Amorous Adventures by FoxFingers

This will add some "depth" to certain NPC and followers. It also adds some quests and on top of that will turn the Dragonborn to become the biggest Casanova of Tamriel. :lol:

Deadly Mutilation - dismemberment blood and gore by Lamer1000

This mod is probably not for everyone. It allows you to chop off limbs, burn opponents to a crisp or even to ashes and freeze them and smash them to pieces. And there is more....
I think it adds some realism to the game. Not for those with a weak stomach.

Hearthfire Extended by Kinaga

This will allow you to add more stuff to the Heartfire Homes. Build Mills, Wells, Beehives and even extend the Cellars. Mod is WIP but already adds a lot of cool stuff to the slightly limited vanilla Heartfire DLC.
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By Bezrider
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1200 wow that's a lot of mods. :eeek:
I'm still working on my mod list with Nexus mod manager and Loot, I just keep adding a few at a time and then do a quick test to see if anything conflicts. :angry-tappingfoot:

I'm in no hurry it will be done when its done but once I am finished I have promised myself not to add anymore and just concentrate on playing the game this time as every other time I get to involved in the modding side and end up playing very little of the actual game. :o
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By MadManCK
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The author of Warzones has released an extension of Warzones.
I think i will give this a try. It will most likely bring some depth in the wargames of Skyrim. The default attack a fortress and take over the City was a bit limited, to be frankly and does not really appeal as a real Civil War. Warzones does not mess up your game, like CWO does. And from the looks of it, it will turn your battles in real war zones, including reinforcements and advanced tactics and some war machinery.

WARZONES - Assault Attack by MyGoodEye
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By MadManCK
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Bezrider wrote:1200 wow that's a lot of mods.
Lol, it is L200, like level 200. No 1200 mods. The real number of mods and graphical overhauls i use will be close to 600 now. Still a lot, but graphic texture updates can be added or removed without issues. Only scripted mods need to be there from the start of a new save.

There is a tool that can remove orphan scripts and fix broken saves to an extend.

Save game script cleaner by Hadoram

Without this, i would have never made it this far in the game.

And of course the classic save cleaner tool, that removes clutter, ashpiles etc, that can mess up your save game.

SKYRIM Save Cleaner by seifer69er

Just open the console [~] and type: save mysave 1
Wait for the data to be collected and follow the instructions.

If you do a long playthrough, this needs to be done at least once a week.
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By Bezrider
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MadManCK wrote:
Bezrider wrote:1200 wow that's a lot of mods.
Lol, it is L200, like level 200. No 1200 mods. The real number of mods and graphical overhauls i use will be close to 600 now. Still a lot, but graphic texture updates can be added or removed without issues. Only scripted mods need to be there from the start of a new save.
Sorry Mad my mistake its been a long week and I'm a little tired and didn't read it correctly. :oops:
(I did think it was an awful lot of mods but I know what you are like for modding Skyrim. :ugeek: )
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By MadManCK
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I managed to get Warzones working over my existing save. That will bring some epic battles for sure. 8-)

The vanilla Civil War was always a bit tame and not really immersive. Other solutions to "fix" the CW can mess up your game and are very buggy. Let's see how this one turns out to be.


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By MadManCK
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Warzones does freeze your PC sometimes; simply too much going on. I did some optimizations. It does work, but very fps hungry this mod.

Most NPC replacer mods look like barbie dolls. This one actually gives them some character. I like them and will keep them in this and next playthroughs. Even if Rikke looks a bit too young to be a Legate :lol:

It is called: Bijin NPCs by rxkx2
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By Bezrider
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Hey Mad I'm thinking of giving this a go S.T.E.P as it looks like a nice mix of mods to start with.
Have you tried this, I know you like to make your own mod list but this seems to take care of most of the compatibility problems and will give me a good base of mods to work from.

It will also take some time to install all of those mods STEP v2.2.9.1 :o and do all of the tweaks :shock: but I think it will be worth putting the time in or do you think I should just stick to adding the mods I like and sort out the issues as I go along. :geek:
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By MadManCK
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I know the STEP project, but decided to go my own way. I do like the realism and have most mods they use as well. But i also use different texture mods and some convenient gameplay mods. I like a tough game, but don't like grinding for money for example. So i use a mod that gives all merchants 20.000 septims. Septims do have weight, so i need to convert the money by an exchanger into merchant Guild notes or East Empire Notes. Things like that improve the game for me. I also added travelling merchants and turned the city of Wild Run into a trading hub it should be. Open Cities and Dawn of Skyrim, including patches are my way to go. All other mods have to be compatible with that.
I also use auto potions and harvest, so i do not have to pick every flower anymore or stop during a battle to open up inventory to grab a healing potion. It even cleans your victims of the items you select.
This way i can focus on playing the game and doing the missions. For other things i don't mind doing some extra work, like trying to tame a horse. Wild Horses (steam) and convenient Horses.

There is one thing i want to try and that is DYNDOLOD. But it is a very complicated thing to do. It does make your LODs look a lot nicer and more detailed. But with a 7x7 grid it is already way nicer than Vanilla.

STEP can be a very good base to start from. And with your realvision ENB and latest SKSE you wont have loading issues anymore. This allows for more and higher res textures. Especially on a 780Ti.

I would also advice to checkout FNIS and the other mods i mentioned above. But they must be in the STEP list as well.
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