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By MadManCK
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Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch has become available now. It replaces all individual patches and saves some place to add more mods. Kudos for this team. They do what the devs should have done in the first place.

I also successfully applied DynDOLOD by Sheson. The same guy that "fixed" Skyrim with the memory patch. It takes some effort to do this. Preparation is key. But the result is great. I picked the "high" option and generated full detailed LOD with all LOD objects. The big difference is that you will see objects from a distance and that all the colors match. This is because the LODs are made with your modlist. It took my Skylake PC 45 minutes to calculate all the LODs. And i had to do it 3x, as Open Cities takes some additional effort.

With the game on a 7x7 grid, instead of the default 5x5 and these awesome LODs, it just looks incredible. This is also the max i can squeeze out of Skyrim. Even with a powerful PC you do notice some small FPS drops. But the views have improved a lot.
Maybe for a performance setup it is best to select the medium option. But i'm fine with the current results.

Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD by Sheson

Stable uGridsToLoad by Altimor
This allows you to change the grids in the INI. More than 7 is not adviced as the larger grid also activates events earlier.
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By MadManCK
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This is what DynDOLOD does for your game. These samples are taken with the vanilla settings. With a larger grid like i have the near objects are less obvious. In fact i advice to use a 7 grid and DynDOLOD, so the game plays fluently with a lot more detail and less obvious pop-ups.

Warzones has a performance setting. With this setting you can use it on a heavily modded game, like mine. Less game freezes and more smooth gameplay during heavy battles. I also reduced the body spawns a little bit. Still enough going on. This mod greatly adds to the immersion of battlefields. I do not advice to install the Warzones extension mod though. This base mod rocks.

WARZONES 2015 - Civil Unrest by MyGoodEye

Another mod i have installed is

Elemental Destruction Magic by reaperix

In addition the the Fire, Ice and Electra Magic, this adds Earth, Water and Air. It completes the magical array, including Atronachs and enchantments.
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By Beardroid91
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Only followed this thread with a blind eye, but thinking of gaming a bit of Skyrim this winter, and that got me thinking, is there a pre-selected mod bundle option to make my myself alot easier, as i hate the modding guessing game if it will work or not.

But then again might play some Witcher 3 too, but i don't know yet.
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By MadManCK
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I can make a Top 100 mod list with links
Will take a while to do so.

New Nexus MOD Manager messed up my mods list. Had to manually reinstall everything. Still has some weird things. Running 268 mods and 250 plugins. It is very well possible to get a stable heavy modded game, but you will need cleaning tools to maintain the game.

The combination of Realvision ENB, DynDOLOD and a 7 grid INI will totally change your game, no matter what MODs you run. But it will take some effort to setup right. I did spot a pre made INI file in the Realvision links. Don't forget to make a BU of your original INI.

It was funny the ENB sees the GTX970 as a 3500MB video card xD.

BTW, i never use DOF (depth of field) as that is more for making videos than actual gameplay. :lol:

And you also need stable Ugrids to load to make higher grids work and be able to change them.

Don't set the grids higher than 7 as events are also triggered earlier because of it.

In my latest playthrough i removed ELFX as it is not really needed with the ENB and also Climates of Tamriel as the game is much more immersive without IMO. Unless you want to be constantly surrounded by weather effects :lol:
I do use a 3D snow mod that looks 10x cooler as snow actually falls and moves as you do.

These are just the tools you need to make your game look a lot better. :party:
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By Beardroid91
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That sounds like alot of work to make it run, isn't there as one mod solution for it ? Where you can get all the most common mods made into one mod ?

I have set it up with the Realvision mod and a few others, but need to look at all the mods i had, as some of them have been removed from the Steam workshop.

But a bit strange to play Skyrim again, but 2 hours suddenly passed fast like i remember it during in Skyrim :P
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By MadManCK
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You can drag and drop the Steam mods into your Nexus Mod manager folder. And manually activate them.
Some Steam mods are also available on the nexus. It will give you more control as Steam does auto updates that can (and will) mess up your game.

There is the STEP project.

But i also think modding is a personal thing. Depending on what you want to achieve.

I strongly advice to try Open Cities with the Dawn of Skyrim and patch. It will allow you to enter the Cities by opening the door and also continue battles, without loading screens.

Breezehome, Fully upgradable has an Open Cities patch as well.

Things like this strongly add to the immersion of this game. And with the memory patch, now part of SKSE, you don't have the loading issues anymore.
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By Beardroid91
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I'll definitely play that mod, i just saw the first 4-5 min of it and it looks epic.
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By MadManCK
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It is already in my playthrough list, got the letter but have not gotten to the ruins near Markarth yet, as i want to be a little stronger first.
Last one i was over Level 200, now only 50 or so. On Legendary difficulty that still means you have to be careful with approaching enemies. :D

Cool thing about the Forgotten city is the many possibilities and different outcomes. Must have been a lot of work writing up that matrix.
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By MadManCK
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From certain Mods, i dont really get the point. I mean, what good protection brings this as armor? :whistle:

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