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By MadManCK
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Very nice. :2thumbsup:
Always wanted a Wing Commander successor, lol. Remember the movie :mrgreen:

This must be the most epic Space sim ever if they can pull it off.
I will follow this with great interest. For more than one reason :ugeek:" onclick=";return false;

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By Karu62
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I just discovered it today. I am still watching videos. each one makes me more amazed. I get paid today and am wondering what I want to many different packages I don't know what to get.

what gets me about this is how its modular. instead of waiting for 3 years with nothing to do, you start with a hanger and a ship. then the dogfighting thing is added.eventually ending with the full universe. its getting released in stages and I like that.
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By Karu62
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talk about transparency. this is the latest episode that Chris Roberts has made called 10 for the Chairman. he has put out an episode every week for the past 8 weeks answering questions from the players. the vision he has is driven 100% by what is possible not by what is affordable. he is pushing the limits of computer technology in the creation of Star Citizen. already the minimum spec calls for 8 gb of memory and a 460 video card, with 16 gb and 780 video card being the recommended spec.

[media] ... re&index=7[/media]

more from devs

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By Karu62
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I have been watching these Wingman's Hanger videos in reverse order. I am down to episode 43.

I have to say this game is creating a revolution in the gaming industry. Chris Roberts vision is to stay on the edge of technology. absolute and unarguable attention to full realism is the order of the day. Chris doesn't want anything that can be considered cheesy or gamey. he keeps going into the art department demanding they put more polygons in the models. all the models have 50% more polygons than any game out there. the team is working closely with the team at Crytek to get every ounce of performance out of the Crytek engine.

yesterday they reached the $39 million goal (it took 2 weeks from the last goal of $37 million). the goal for $39 million was the hiring of people to start the creation of the 2 alien races(full star systems and planets). he announced this morning the next goal is $41 million. if reached he will hire a team to R&D an enhanced form of "procedurally generated content" .

from the website: Procedural Generation R&D Team – This stretch goal will allocate funding for Cloud Imperium to develop procedural generation technology for future iterations of Star Citizen. Advanced procedural generation will be necessary for creating entire planets worth of exploration and development content. A special strike team of procedural generation-oriented developers will be assembled to make this technology a reality.

a goal of $41 million and they will hire people to R&D that technology. as of this posting they have passed $40 million and are at 8% to $41 million.

there is so much going on over at Cloud Interactive. some of the things they are doing are things like full 0g simulation on the avatars. the smaller ships don't have "grav plates" and everything is 0g. other things include NO MENUES for anything, period. everything in existence has volume and mass and can be interacted with. all ships are made from hulls and systems that have full multi-level damage models. you can even track footprints in your ship that will stay until cleaned.
another exciting technology they are working on is a facial recognition program that will make your avatar look like you. is that over the top or what?
they are also trying to get rid of any chat system and have avatars actually talk. this list of ambitious stuff is long.

when Chris Roberts said he wanted to create a living universe he wasn't kidding, he is making it happen.

be excited, be very excited.
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By Bezrider
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It is indeed exciting stuff I'm just worried he is trying to be too ambitious with all this technical stuff, I just hope he doesn't forget the most important thing "gameplay" in all this. :think:
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By Karu62
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I just love Wingman's Hanger. I made it to episode 44 and decided to start from the beginning episode 1. it was formed shortly after the crowdfunding successes and aired on December 28 2012. they have episodes every week on Wednesday. I am presently up to episode 7. I am getting a week by week progression of development. it was Chris Roberts idea to be as transparent as possible and to listen to the community. so he formed the talk show Wingman's Hanger.

as early as episode 3 they were already doing forum feedback. and they are not shy on answers. they get the appropriate programmer, or Chris Roberts himself, in there to answer the questions from the community.

Chris Roberts says in episode 2 that he is building this game for he himself to play. and he wants full realism and immersion. as much as is technologically feasible.

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