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By Karu62
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I guess the Cryteck engine already had multicore capability. there is a thread about 8 core cpus and at first everyone was running 4 cores and were starting to get disappointed when this latest patch last week got most people running all 8 cores. the ones that are still on 4 they think need a bios flash.

so, that's one part of the technology I was watching for, the players are reporting a cpu usage of 30% across 8 cores now. that's excellent news.
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By Bezrider
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[media] ... 38-million[/media]
The massive crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen, the upcoming space simulator from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, has surpassed its latest stretch goal of $40 million, according to Robert Space Industries' website.

Roberts launched the CIG Star Citizen Monthly Report last month, a "high-level production progress report from the various teams around the world working on Star Citizen." Developer Cloud Imperium Games has a roster of 212 employees, putting it on level –– if not above it –– of many AAA game development studios, as far as numbers go.
Roberts said that much of the team is busy working on the Dogfighting Module, another in the planned handful of modules that will let players experience the game before the full version releases. This module should release shortly after PAX, which takes place April 11-13, if all goes well, Roberts writes.

Star Citizen initially raised $2.1 million when it was first revealed as a Kickstarter project. Since then, the funds have grown exponentially and, in the February monthly report, Roberts said that 71 percent of the $6 million in funds since December have come from new backers. The team continues to accept funds as development progresses.

As of now, there are 6,128 open slots left for Star Citizen's alpha.
From IGN
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By Karu62
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lol, we hit a new milestone today.

the general chat forum hit the 1 million post count this morning.

lol, we talk a lot over there
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By Karu62
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Arena Commander is going to be a full game and the first part of the Star Citizen universe. it contains 4 parts: free flight (single player), Battle Royal (free for all multiplayer), Vanduul Swarm (single player vs AI), and Capture the Core (multiplayer FPS- team king of the hill). it will be available for a base price of $35. that's $30 for a basic ship and $5 for Arena Commander accesses.

the next part of Star Citizen will be Squadron 42. it too will be a full game with a storyline that will cover the lore of the universe as well as act as a tutorial preparing the player for introduction to the final part of the game, the persistent universe which is now up to 125 star systems with the UEE and 4 alien races.the persistent universe is scheduled for early 2015.

so far Arena Commander is on track for release by the end of May.

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