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By Karu62
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I finally got my dual joysticks setup and started practicing flying in decoupled mode (6 degrees of freedom). the right stick controls the standard pitch, roll, and yaw while the left stick controls direction of travel. pitch axis controls up/down travel, Roll axis controls left/right travel, and the twist (Z axis) controls forward/back direction of travel.

after a couple of hours of practice I decided to record it to have a before recording.
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By Karu62
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the last three months has been very exciting over at Star Citizen. we reached the 69 million stretch goal last week and are well on our way to 70 million. with all this extra money , the game has steered itself in a new direction that promises to be cutting edge in gaming.

what started 2 years ago as a basic star trading game took on first person aspects, then fighter craft, and in the last three months, multiplayer capitol ship combat has been the focus. only our capitol ship are going to be unlike anything ever seen in a computer game.

each ship will be an instance within an instance, with the outside of the ship existing in one instance, and the interior existing in a separate instance, with the two interacting together. the outside instance will have each ship counting as one so there will be 50-100 ships in an instance, each with 50-100 players inside.
it stared off with the Constellations at 60 meters in length. then they made a frigate called the Idris that is 238 meters in length. just before Christmas they surprised us with a destroyer called a Javelin coming in at 345 meters in length. these are all player run ships.

Chris Roberts had a talk with Bugbear about Next Car Game and the soft body physics they were pioneering. turns out it was not compatible with the Cryengine, but it gave Chris and the procedural generation team the inspiration to create "procedural damage" routines to the ships. you can shoot at a big ship and penetrate the hull and the damage will carry over into the interior instance doing damage to the interior of the ship. there will also be ship boarding so we will have space marines, 0g shooter combat in first person in space going from one ship to another.

this is all brand new technology never seen before and can only happen with 64 bit/ double precision programming.
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By MadManCK
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Star Citizen alpha 2.0

Voice acting will be done by some famous actors, including Gary Oldman (Batman), Gillian Anderson (X Files) and Mark Hamill (Star Wars)
For the single player mode Squadron 42.

Press demo Alpha 2.0:

Game play is a bit dull TBH. But that can be deceiving. Graphics look cool. Sound can use some depth.
The founder and lead programmer Chris Roberts has raised almost 100 million $ with crowd funding. That is just insane.

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By Whoamus
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Does look nice. Will probably give it a shot when released. ED has it's flaws but was released on a much smaller budget. SC has a much smaller scale from what I have read, a few hundred star systems. ED has the whole galaxy but right now only your ship to pilot, no walk about. Too much space really unless you like to fly a lot and just explore. I did buy the Horizons expansion which will let you load your ship with a module that allows a surface recon vehicle (read buggy) and planetary landings on airless worlds that you will be able to drive on. There will be some type of missions on some or just exploration. Adding some kind of crafting with stuff found on planets but still will not be able to walk about until a future expansion. ED was released unfinished and SC will be more complete but with all that money upfront, it should be. SC will be a more scripted game. ED is more open but many people have trouble with making their own way vs a scripted game experience. Plenty of room for both games I think.
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By Karu62
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alot has happened in the last 2 years at Star Citizen.

our funding has reached a record setting $152 million dollars and climbing daily. player base (forum accounts) has reached 1.6 million backers.

i'll start with a short video Chris Roberts made for his Youtube channel.

the Frankfurt studio in Germany is made up of ex-Crytech employees that came over to Star Citizen. these are the guys that created the Cryengine.

here is a video from last year's citizencon showing the planetary tech they have developed.

we are at version number 2.6.3 right now which doesnt have planetary landing yet, that is for 3.0 sometime around August. here is the trailer for 2.6

this is the latest concept vehicle to come down the pipeline, just announced a few days ago. an alien space bike called the Xi'an Nox

to finish my update for Star Citizen is a video from last year's Citizencon homestead demo. i used this player made video as the original is over an hour long

Star Citizen is well on its way to becoming the most ambitious game ever created.
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By Karu62
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here is an interview from an episode of Around the Verse about a month ago.

it covers one of the most important pieces of core tech vital to the success of Star Citizen

jump to 18:00
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By Bezrider
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As always the graphics in this game look epic and just looking at them make me want to buy this game but then i always hesitate and think what exactly would i do in this game apart from just fly around in space from planet to planet shooting a few guys on the way. :mrgreen:

And i know you are going to say this game has far more to offer than that and you would be right :) i just don't know if it is my type of game so can you please tell me some of the things you get up to while playing and i might just give it a go. ;)
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By Bezrider
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Karu62 wrote:
Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:58 pm
the latest footage from Thursday's episode of Around the Verse showcasing the salvage vessel Reclaimer with all the particle effects and lighting in place.
Nice, is this more of a co-op type of game or will it have good single player elements?
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