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Post by eaustinn36 » Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:18 pm

GAC Election Results - July 15th 2014

The winner will be displayed below, with vote counts being updated real-time. When the votes are finalized, the "voting results" will change from Pending to Finalized, and the winner will be displayed in yellow with a check mark next to their name ().

VP/Commissioner Election

Voting is now: Closed
Voting Results: Finalized

Porschelover199 - votes: 0

Presidential Election

Voting is now: Closed
Voting Results: Finalized

Eaustinn36 - votes: 6
Lamboman1342 - votes: 5

***Voting tied (3 - 3) after day 1, voting extended 24 hours to 11:59pm EST July 16th.
***Election decided in Round 2.

Election Details:
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