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By IgorTheDriver
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Image Island Cruisers Club

Time Zone: GMT+2
Game: TDU2 / The Crew on PC
Language: English
Location: Europe (or everywhere if the time zone is OK for you)
Event types: all kinds of cruises classic, sport, off-road exploring, drift cruises, driving traffic rules or any group travelling events that you may offer
Requirements: be polite and respectful to the other members of the club

The aim of the club is a group of people who can easily find a company for travelling and mass event to take part in.

This club is not necessary in the game. Its base is on the facebook group. So you can stay in your favorite club in TDU2 / The Crew and take part in our events, which are organized here:" onclick=";return false; - request to join the group.

Site:" onclick=";return false;
Facebook:" onclick=";return false;
Twitter:" onclick=";return false;
Steam:" onclick=";return false;
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