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By Wrapture
Rank: Learner Driver
After finally being able to afford a Ferrari, I found out how well they drive. I am now on my 3rd Ferrari (still have two) I would like to dedicate a club to racing them.



1) Atleast 1 Ferrari ( :teasing-signhere: )
2) Must be atleast level 10
3) Basic graphic skills
4) One offroad vehicle ( I will explain )


Club General Info

I made this club to form a group of people who like driving their Ferrari.
Because this is a racing club the Ferrari must have some sort of racing graphics. It is a racing club but I am not worried about XP, most of the racing will be us getting together at a track.
Now to explain the offroad vehicle. I want everyone to have a vehicle to drive to the tracks in. It can be anything as long as it will do 100mph offroad. It should also say Ferrari Challenge Racing Staff on the side, get creative.

Club Level: 1
Club XP: 0
Club Cars: 0
Total Members: 1
Total Donations: 0


Wrapture (Excutive, Founder)
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