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By Beardroid91
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A The Crew cruise would be cool, we just need to figure out when it should be?

Also i finally good my TDU2 to work, i had forgotten that you only had to have your savegame in the savegame folder for it run it online, abit strange but well it works online :)

Btw the club is at 514th in the ranking :p
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
I managed to get TDU2 working again. Had to reactivate my Key. And i figured my login at the old Atari forums. What surprised me is that the servers are still working. I managed to get online without hassle.
Only the Fanatec V2 is not recognized, giving an awkward driving experience. And also frequent CTD. No stable game. Maybe also related to the new Carpack i installed.

As my brake pedal test completely disabled the braking pedal, i now have to brake with the clutch. No problem for a small cruise.

Lets hope Luny figured how to make her new rig play The Crew, so we can cruise this afternoon.
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