Why not introduce yourself here
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By fastfan94
Rank: Learner Driver
Bezrider wrote:Hey fastfan94 I forgot to ask, what platform will you be playing The Crew on?
Oh, right! :o I'm playing only on Xbox 360. Sorry for anyone else with next-gen consoles or PC. I can't afford those consoles and my PC is not "strong" enough. :( I hope everyone understands. So, should I show my Xbox Live gamertag? I'm a little nervous around friend requests. :oops:
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By Miao
Rank: Champion
fastfan94 wrote:Thanks, Fulysic and Tsukishima. :D Hopefully I will also see you two at a car meet in the game. Tsukishima, since we're both in the Snakes Faction, want to work together?
It seems that we won't be able to do so together, your other comment says you're on XBOX360, and I'll be gettin' The Crew for PS4. Image
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Yes, maybe it is a good thing to mention your game platform in your sig. That makes it more easy to hook up in games. :D
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By fastfan94
Rank: Learner Driver
All right. And with my Xbox Live gamertag? :?:
By Sonneillon
Rank: Apprentice
fastfan94 wrote:All right. And with my Xbox Live gamertag? :?:
That's up to yourself, I particularly prefer if someone asks for my gamertags so I just don't put them on my sig.

And :welcome:
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By grooks10
Rank: Pit Crew
Even though I'm three days late to the party, I figured I could still jump on the welcome wagon here! So...welcome! And by the way, I'm also on the Xbox (I'll be using the One for The Crew, but I still get on my 360 every once in a while). Even though I'm at school, I'd still be happy to add you to my friends list on Xbox Live! If you want to send me a request (instead of posting your GT on a public forum), just send it to hooksie54
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