Why not introduce yourself here
By Egoist208
Rank: Learner Driver
Hey guys, I'm Egoist208. I'm known to some of the members here, ex: Alvin and Prepsi. I am a member of NFS Theories but that site is going to get shut down soon so I decided to register here. I am 14 years old.
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Welcome to TDUDT

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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
Hi Egoist208 welcome to TDUDT :D
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By grooks10
Rank: Pit Crew
Hi Egoist! We're happy to have you here! :greetings-wavegreen:
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By Ryzza5
Rank: Apprentice
Welcome bud!

Seems to be a migration pattern emerging with this NFS Theories site
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By Prepsi
Rank: Pit Crew
Oh....you're here....yay.......
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By grooks10
Rank: Pit Crew
Prepsi wrote:Oh....you're here....yay.......
Don't get too excited there, Prepsi... :lol:
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