Why not introduce yourself here
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
Hi I'm Bezrider.(Founder)
A big Test drive unlimited fan, I Currently have TDU 2 on all platforms, but mostly play on PC if you've just signed up why not introduce yourself by starting a "New Topic" :D
I also like to play first person shooters and adventure games ;)
Look forward to seeing you on the forum and in game. ;)
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Thanks for the Bez bump.

He will be awake now. :2thumbsup:
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
Prepsi wrote:feb 19? i thought this forum wasnt here until september O_O
I was working on the forum a long time before it was officially opened. :geek:
The Birthday date is taken from when the first member joined making the site officially up an running. :rightthumbup:
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