Why not introduce yourself here
By Nevalus
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What is up people. I used to play TDU2 and was reasonably active on the forums before they went down (user gijs101). After that I could not really find a game I wanted to play and I no longer played with the guy I mainly played with. End of last year Ubisoft decided to give out some games for free including The Crew and figured; why not.

Ever since those same forums I knew atleast Madman from his classics such as "TDU2 Jumps and Greatest Hitz". Looking for some fun such as cruising around and such.

Steam ID: Gijs101
Uplay: Gijs101 (I seriously don't know how Uplay works tho :D )

See you in game ?
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By MadManCK
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Welcome to TDUDT

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By Bezrider
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Welcome to the forums, please feel free to join in with the discussions in the various topics on the forums. :D

And as you play The Crew game you might want to try out some of the weekly challenges.
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