Test Drive Unlimited 2 Discussion
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By Gatorbait771
Rank: Pit Crew
grooks10 wrote:Since when did you have an Xbox? I'll be sure to friend you! :D
I've always had an Xbox but some stranger gave me Xbox live about a month ago! I'll add you :mrgreen:
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By Boxxout3
Rank: Hot wheels
PS3: Main profile: B0xx0ut3
Second Profile: Out-0f-The-B0xx

PC: (TDU2 profile) Boxxout3
(Second Profile) Roadrage63

Xbox: ill keep that unknown (it broke a year and a half ago haha)
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By Eugene4259
Rank: Pit Crew
PS3.. Eugene4259
By top250
PC - Top250 xbox 360 - top2502
By Prepsi
top250 wrote:PC - Top250 xbox 360 - top2502
Couldn't stay away from horizon, could ya?
By top250
your jealous of my videos are you and that's why you disliked them

reason your jealous of me...

1. you don't have the cash to buy: Camtasia Studio 8
2. it could be i'm a higher level on tdu2
3. hes just jealous b'coz he can't make videos

P.S admins i know this is off topic
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By Boxxout3
Rank: Hot wheels
Cant you people cut this out?

This is a nametag thread not a general discussion (more like general ranting but hey) ;)
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