Test Drive Unlimited 2 Discussion
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By grimx133
Rank: Apprentice
Surprised that nobody picked up on this yesterday, though does anyone play besides me?
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By Boxxout3
Rank: Hot wheels
That long :o. Its been a while. Interesting how I was talking to some friends about TDU2 yesterday and talking about some of the stuff we got up to.
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
It all seems a long time ago now :o and no I haven't played it in a long time. :(
I still miss some of its features though like the clubs and designing races for your friends to compete in maybe they will come to The Crew one day. :pray:
Happy Birthday TDU2 :D
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Yes, the good times of TDU2. I haven't played for a while. Patch is on hold and the launch of The Crew has shifted a lot.

But TDU2 has a few things The Crew has not; like dynamic weather, 8 player Crews, custom challenge editor, custom paint and not to forget Oahu.
All things i like about TDU2.

Different vibe and more focused on creating a car collection and showing it off to your friends.

Maybe one day the TDU2-UP will be picked up again and fixes some more like the FFB and some other major game flaws that were never fixed.

BTW, Mocrapto seems to have migrated to The Crew now as well. There goes the neigbourhood :eeek:

Maybe i will give TDU2 a spin this week. Has been a while and i want to see how it looks on my new superscreen. :party:
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By Prepsi
Rank: Pit Crew
It's kind of sad you can't even join someone now that the servers are so screwed up. Last year was the year TDU2 died down, really.
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Rank: Learner Driver
Ugh, I promised myself I would remember and now I'm punching myself for forgetting. Welp, off to go play it again. Let's see if time is still frozen like it was last time I was on.
EDIT: Yup, still frozen. It's been like that for close to a year. Couldn't find any other players either. Oh well.
Rank: Learner Driver
I come here time to time to remind myself of what could have been :(

Can't believe it's been 4 years, the first few months went relatively well haha

Tried playing the crew but it still feels restricted like Forza Horizon. Still nothing that compares to TDU2 imo
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Just switch off "world objects" in the option menu in The Crew.

Only thing is the 4 man crews. A larger crew would be better.

Anything on the server side of TDU2? I have not checked a lot lately. :lol:
I know there were some cool dudes trying to get it on a private server. Just like TDU1
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By grimx133
Rank: Apprentice
Servers are still hit and miss, though the last couple times they were up, the CRC was up too. It was down a few days ago, and I haven't checked since Tuesday or so, been spending most of the prime playing time out at my mother's place in the bush. She's out of town for a bit, looking after a friend who had a hip replacement in Toronto.
I'll try loading an online profile shortly.

edit - Online is working, and the casino seems to be up, though I didn't go there. CRC is not working.
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By grimx133
Rank: Apprentice
I was hoping to make the 10000 hour mark by the fifth birthday, but fell well short with 9208.
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