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By MadManCK
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Yes, The Crew is advertised as a social game, but in reality it is really hard to hook up and meet new people in the game. Only place where that works is in Race lobbies during the Summit. The chat box has to be set at F7 to be able to communicate with free roam players and even when you do that most will never respond.

In addition to that, the High Life lifestyle element of TDU2 is more appealing than being an unshaved peon for an FBI cover operation to take down 5-10's.
Story lines always seem to be bad in open world racers but with this one you even start to miss the squabbles between Stuart and the Wilder Bros.

Maybe TDU2 felt more accessible because of that.

And The Crew still misses the real customizing options.

The original TDU was the benchmark for all open world games to come. And up to now it still has found no match.

If you take the original game, add the night-day cycles, weather, better physics, graphics and controller support, VR, Clubs, new cars and some gameplay options from TDU2 and The Crew, you have a winner.
The Crew has gone too much Kindergarten and TDU2 will soon vanish, never reaching its potential.

*swan-lake emoij*
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By Bezrider
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One of the biggest things I miss in the crew is clubs, I used to love arranging to meet up in the club house and then deciding what we would do that evening. :D
Sometimes it would be racing other clubs to get your points up other times going for a cruise but most of the time we just ended up dicking about with in club races. :mrgreen:

I think The Crew missed a big trick with not having clubs it would of fit right in with the hole 5-10's thing and different gangs having it's own club and competing to be the best one each month with maybe the top club members getting rewarded with a special car to drive for that month. :idea:

I guess The Crew is the new TDU 3 in a way but just not the way we expected it to be. :(

I doubt TDU3 will ever come but never say never. :party:
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By Whoamus
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I also do not find The Crew to hold my interest like TDU2. Maybe because TDU2 was more of a lived in RPG sort of world for players. The clothes were goofy but we all bought them and played dress up or got a haircut to change our appearance. Even though they were all the same we had our own houses with a garage full of cars and could invite people inside. The casino was a nice touch to give you something else to do besides driving. and also meet people. Met many of you there playing cards. After I built my new PC I installed The Crew, took a couple of cars for a spin and have not played again, no interest. Personally I think having a couple of islands to cruise vs the expanded entire US makes the games more realistic to just hang out around and play. Already thinking I may uninstall The Crew since I really see no further interest. Did not buy the expansion and dont plan on buying the next one either.
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By grooks10
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Just checked again today, and the website seems to be back up again. I wonder who is over there behind the scenes that's maintaining the website... :think:
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By Bezrider
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grooks10 wrote:Just checked again today, and the website seems to be back up again. I wonder who is over there behind the scenes that's maintaining the website... :think:
Yes site is back up as it was before so no TDU 3 then :P

I wish they would remove all those dead links to the forums.
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