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By MadManCK
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Ìt is more like functional aerodynamics. That does not always lead to very good lookers, but this one is a track oriented car. For a track car it looks fine.
All 500 cars have been sold already. Typical....

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By MadManCK
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Japanese car culture :eeek:
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By MadManCK
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1 lap of the Isle of Man TT track with a Subaru Impreza prepared by Prodrive
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By MadManCK
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Nicky Shield vs a Dev Bot, Woman vs machine. In an adapted F-E car at the Hong Kong track.

But what if the dev bot car wins next time :eeek:

I want a human driver with human emotions and stupid human mistakes and errors. Passion does not come from a battery. :twocents-02cents:
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By MadManCK
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Hahaha, but he could have done even better. :P

Steering "pads" to register the movement of the wheels. Nice one.

I have seen complete cockpit conversions. With working digital dashboards and stuff. You can get a long way these days, when you want "realism" in your garage.

And gaming on a big screen with a beamer, is something i have done at home once for lolz on a 100" screen :mrgreen:
It does add a little lag though, but the impact is insane. Just imagine being attacked in that size. It raises neckhairs.

Here are my suggestions for improvement if you want to do it right. :ugeek:

  • Remove the engine and use the engine bay for a kick ass watercooled gaming PC (XBox1? seriously... :roll: )
  • Use the stock radiators and fans for the watercooling system
  • Replace the shock absorbers with attenuators (D-Box)
  • Replace the steering column with a Leo Bodnar direct drive and mount the original Lambo steeringwheel back on.
  • Make the original pedals work with a drive by wire system
  • Make the Digital Hud working with software solutions.
  • Use the in car audio system for the surround sound setup
  • Replace the projector with triple 4K 77" monitors in bumper view
  • Replace the mirrors with tablets/smartphones in mirror function or place a 4th 77" behind the car and use the real mirrors
  • Make all switches work with customized button boxes
  • Mount seat shakers under the Lambo seat
  • Place 2 big ass fans to mimic driving wind
  • Make sure you get plenty of electrical juice to keep the in-car airco functionality
And just drive :loll:

PS Buy another Lambo for normal road driving

PPS as you can see, i like the initiative, but the execution can be done better. :loll:

If you think i missed anything, just add it :geek:
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By The-DOG
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he probably could do a conversion like the guy with a half porsche did witch also has motion.
and keep his 100k+ lambo intact, but i thought the idea wasnt that bad lol
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By MadManCK
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34" under a Caddy Escalade, that must be compensating for something, right? :loll:
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