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By Miao
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CRISTIAN GNATICOV wrote:Meet Rezvani Motors' first SUV: it's called the 'Tank', which steps aside from the company's usual lineup of sports cars.

Described as "an extreme utility vehicle built for any off-road and on-road challenge", it has a hairy-chested exterior design, featuring lots of angular lines, small, military-like windows, auxiliary lights, and chunky tires for better traction.

Contrary to the flashy exterior, the cabin features a rather toned-down design, featuring a five-seat layout, leather seats, an infotainment system sitting in the middle of the dashboard, and what appears to be a single-zone climate control. Additionally, for improved access to the rear seats and some extra visual credit, Rezvani's Tank also has 'suicide' rear doors.

At its heart lies a 6.4-liter V8 engine that produces 500 horses, pushed to the on-demand four-wheel drive system. Rezvani has yet to provide any technical specs, but the Tank should prove to be quite fast, on a straight line at least.

Additionally, the new Rezvani Tank can also be equipped with thermal night vision systems, and for an even bigger chunk of cash, the company gladly offers optional ballistic armor protection.

Rezvani started taking orders for the Tank a few months ago, and if you're interested in your very own example, then get ready to pay at least $178,000 for it.
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