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By Lunytrickz
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the "Turbo" fever for me is because its the top 911 with 4WD
after the 959 rally proto won Dakar
Porsche started offering 4wd on the 964 Turbo
not long after that, they made Turbo's only with 4wd
my love for 4wd cars came after i've driven a Mitsu EVO VII
tuned by the British Norris Designs to 771hp on Zolder Circuit :woot:
that car could handle cornerspeeds for wich other cars need massive added downforce !!!
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By Beardroid91
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Lunytrickz wrote:The Million-Mile Porsche 356
Wow, that Porsche is breath taking, i'm completely sold on those those lines and the details .. just wow... :shock:

That has got to be imo the must beautiful Porsche i've ever seen :) .. how can i look at the 911 now, it has nothing on thing beauty. :?
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By Beardroid91
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holy shit .. That guy has got to have a death wish or something xD Or he really knows his stuff :eeek:

It is without a doubt the must insane N Ring video i have seen yet, and lol i don't know who drove who :2thumbsup:
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By MadManCK
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An all time classic driving vid from RUF Testdriver Stefan Roser on the Nordschleife. Guy has some serious skillz and car control. :auto-swerve:

That RUF Yellowbird is probably 10x more fun to drive than many other supercars. If you got the skills to master it .... :rightthumbup:

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By Beardroid91
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Yes, you're right about that, only one single problem about it, but a huge one ... The pricetag, it is starting at 350 and go up to 500+ grand (US) :shock:

But then again this is a no compromise car, like the idea behind the first model of the Veyron's started out being :lol:
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