Need help on the Forum, this is the place to start
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By Bezrider
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This thread will list all new Extensions added to the forum and also some navigation tips.

Tips on navigating the forum, the basics (if you know your way around forums then skip this bit)
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Clicking this icon will take you to the last post made:
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Clicking this icon will take you to your first unread post
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We now have notifications:
You can now choose to be notified and keep track on certain topics:
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Click the box under the post box to use:
Adding attachments is now even easier, just drag and drop as many as you like into the post box to upload.
Clicking on the video button in the post box before inserting your video will give you lots of formatting options:
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Video options.JPG

Also hovering over a topic will display the first and last post:

Extensions Added:
Advanced BBCode Box 3.1.0
Annual Stars 1.0.0
External Links Open in New Window 1.0.0
Last Post Avatar 1.0.1
Private Message Box Status Bars 2.0.0
Subway Options Panel 2.0.0
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By Bezrider
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Just a quick tip if you are near the bottom of a page and want to quickly get to the Index Page (main forum page)
Look for the TDU Drivetime link in the footer and it will take you to the index page, also to the right of this up in the corner of the footer is a link that will take you back to the top of the page you are on. :D
link to index or top.JPG
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By Bezrider
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New extension installed LightBox
This extension enlarges photos that are larger than 400px, it is still it the final testing stages so it might have a few glitches and it is just a basic photo viewer but it will do till the full one is ready to install.
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By Beardroid91
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That's one of the features i have missed alot lately, but this new version is much better than the old one, so it is a welcome addition :rightthumbup:

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