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By Korulax
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Hello everyone :D
My steering wheel G27 is already broken again. :(
The reason is the switch for NOS which is often broken after 1 year.
I have found a replacement from a notebook. 8-)
The old is 5.2x5.2 mm and 1.2 mm thick the new is 1.4 mm thick
And does not work very well :shock:
I have however found a salesman where you only have steering wheel with
Switches, see picture and costs just 40 € :rightthumbup:
There are however only 9 wheels then the end is because of the
Seller does not receive any replenishment from Logitech.
If you have the same problem please or someone knows,
Please let me know I can possibly help with the address of the seller. :2thumbsup:
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By MadManCK
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Are there not a lot of mod wheels for the G27?

I have seen very nice replacement wheels, like F1 style for it.
Maybe Logitech will have spare parts as well. But they will most likely try to sell a new wheel. :lol: ... 2564307500


Found this 8-)
Edit; skip that. Russian seller and 0 left. :(

But you might consider getting this: ... ech-wheels

With a QR for Logitech, it will give the same options as Fanatec and Thrustmaster have. Mount different wheels for different tasks.


Image ... acion.html
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By Korulax
Rank: Weekly challenge Winner
Logitech sells Basically no spare parts such as switches and other. :(
What I mean is from the rest of Logitech's former stock.
That with other exchange wheels is very good :rightthumbup: but because of the high price
No option for the obsolete technology of the G27.
By lengthening the axle, the leverage effect on the plastic housing of the ball bearing bearing is strengthened,
and it gets even fasterto break the holder.
As I wrote, you can order the wheel, which I also bought, for 40 € including shipping.

Here the address of the shop : :auto-swerve:
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By Beardroid91
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Sold my G27 wheel a few years ago now, but wouldn't it not just be easier to buy a new racing wheel set, as repaired parts might just fail again, and new stuff is under warranty etc, so less headaches and more fun. But you don't need a Fanatec wheel to be fast, don't Thrustmaster make some decent ones, as Logitech haven't really done much to their wheels.

But i have no regrets about selling my wheel as i never used it, so i bought the Xbox One Elite controller which i like alot more. ;)

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