Need help on the Forum, this is the place to start
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By Bezrider
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First, click the icon in the photo below to add a table.
click this.JPG
This will open up this drop down.
If you want more info click on Show Table Guidelines
Hovering over each little box below this will show a pre-defined table clicking it will create it, you then just replace the placeholder words with your own.

Table Title
Produces this code, just look for the words to replace.
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[size=130]Table Title[/size]
Produces this code, just look for the words to replace. 
It might look a bit confusing at first but once you get the hang of what to replace it becomes easy. :mrgreen:
Then you can just cut and past it when needed.
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By Miao
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Not hard at all when you have a template in your hands. :lol:

There were some instances in where I thought about usin' a table but I always refrained myself from doin' so because I was lazy and didn't want to go search how to do it, thanks for puttin' this here. :)

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