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By Miao
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Today my brother turned off my PS3 in a rude way,he pulled the energy cable and the HDMI. The problem is that now it's doing strange things,like when I try to turn it off no matter what it will give me the 3 beeps error sound,when I quit a game the screen gets black and it won't reset,it's not recognizing my NAT type and when it doesn't it says "DNS error".Sometimes when I try to start a game it also does the black screen.


this was written from the PS3 browser,it seems that if it recognises the NAT I get black screen when starting a game(disc & HD ).


when starting a game while connected to the PSN it freezes

when logging to the PSN while on a game,it freezes too

if I press the PS button while on game and while online,it freezes

when trying to play a certain game it froze and corrupted my sav(had a backup).

F**K YOU LUKAS :angry-cussingwhite: ,I WILL BREAK YOUR X-TRASH360.
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By Miao
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it seems I fixed the problem :D I can play again :,D

A lesson to you,if there's something wrong enter the safe menu and restore the system files manually. ^^

today two people were very very lucky,one got his PS3 back and the other did not get his X-box destroyed :P

Can you lock thread Bez,MMCK ?
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By MadManCK
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PS3 vs XBox360 wars :violence-duel:

Luckily for you it could be fixed.

Thread locked on request

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