Need Help with TDU2 Ask Here
By Sonneillon
Rank: Apprentice
That_One_Guy_215 wrote:Does anyone know what is it that they might be doing I am really curious
This is not even on the right section. And how can we possibly know what the hell Atari is doing? No one here knows why that happened.
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Szayelarel wrote:This is not even on the right section
Indeed. Topic moved.

By penguinhero
Rank: Learner Driver
I just bought this game today and the servers are down I'm so confused I need help please me and my friends were going to drive around the island together but there offline.

Is xbox's servers still online?
and does the tdu2 website server status thing work for anyone. i checked it and it was just just blank squares underneath the platforms

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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Atari CS is still working. They do reboot the servers on occasion. So if you want their attention, send a ticket.
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