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By Jeragger
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Well, I have a g27 on the way with a wheel stand and a thrustmaster th8rs arriving soon after. Got on TDU2 for the first time in awhile and after I logged in, was promptly booted with the message of DLC hack detected.

I launched the game with the universal launcher as I usually do as I don't normally have steam running if I can help it and the tdu2 launcher takes a couple of minutes before it'll start the game while its checking for updates, game files, etc.

I purchased all of my DLC using atari tokens. Still have the reciepts along with the order numbers in my email. Never had an issue until I got on yesterday and it booted me. All of my DLC vehicles, including the motorcycles, were changed to pink miami mustangs. Upon further investigation , I discovered that I could not repurchase any of the vehicles, including the bikes (which were unlocked free with DLC 2 if I remember right). Made a new online character and its the same story. Tried to purchase a fat boy from the bike shop and it said "DLC content unavailable."

The issue persists across a reinstall as well. Fortunately I backed up my save about a year ago after my last token purchase, but I don't recall if that was before or after I had finished purchasing the rest of the DLC cars in game (like the black mercedes with the flared wheel covers). When I checked my TDU2 account and the DLC store, it wasn't even giving me credit for things I purchased like the veyron sang bleu and the veyron SS. In addition it showed the casino DLC as purchased but in game it also says that it is unavailable.

After doing some further research on google (which is how I found your forums) it does make sense to me that the universal launcher could be the cause or there may be something else I'm not aware of. Is there a known fix for this and is anyone coming across any issues similar to this recently?
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By MadManCK
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Don't use steam version with unilauncher

And no DLC is free.

Use an older save to reboot the game.
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By Jeragger
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I think you're misunderstanding.

The bikes came "unlocked" with DLC2 , the exploration pack and the bike pack. Just had to use in game currency to buy them.

Using an older save, I got access back to my DLC content, just can't buy any more DLC cars such as the corvette, veyron ss, the bikes, etc. says DLC content not available. I am still in the process of reproducing and confirming the fix for at least getting access back instead of immediately having all my DLC turned into pink mustangs. Will update in a few minutes.
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By Jeragger
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Well, my fix did not work. What I did was after backing up the save data of the second character, I deleted it and then started the game. This resulted in a prompt that it could not find the save data and had me log in to my account. After doing so, I switched over to my main character and did not immediately have all of my vehicles turned into pink mustangs (dlc vehicles).

However, after restarting the game, once again I was immediately booted with the DLC hack detected message. I went offline and carefully reviewed my garages to see if there was anything that could have caused the issue, but everything is legitimate and ordinary (nothing unusual like a level 4 tuned ferrari or desmodicci RR)

Been using the universal launcher for almost a year before this became an issue yesterday. Unfortunately, what this process confirmed is that the problem is NOT the universal launcher that is causing it or if it did cause it, it triggered something that altered a permanent change in my account where I'm effectively banned from accessing any and all dlc content including the bikes.

I'm currently looking for other troubleshooting methods to try and narrow down the cause and find a solution. I've submitted a support ticket to atari but the company being in the shape it is in these days I am not counting on a reply.

I don't think it is just me as a few other users I've spoken to in game are having the same issue and simply using an old save is not fixing it anymore.
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By Jeragger
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A new account did not work either, so its not an issue tied to my account.

My guess is that there is a server issue that is causing the problem but if that was the case it would not just be me, it would be everyone else too.

I'm stumped. I've reinstalled the game 5 times already in the process of troubleshooting the issue. I have no idea what is causing it for me personally, just that it is persistent across multiple characters and accounts. (not that any of the other characters have any dlc vehicles purchased. I have a couple that had the money to do so but "this DLC is not available at this time"

I doubt that even a new copy of the game with a new account and buying all the DLC again would fix the problem. Even if I did buy all the dlc again, it still shows as unavailable instead of the usual popup where you can unlock it with atari tokens. You don't need atari tokens to "unlock" the bikes as they were already unlocked with DLC 2 if I remember right. If I remember wrong, well, there still should be a window for you to log in to your account and use atari tokens.

So, I'm stumped. I'll just leave this here and keep an eye on it for any other people posting info.
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By Jeragger
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Thank you for your report, Unfortunately we are unable to resolve in game bugs immediately or provide any in game compensation or restore losses. But we can refer this to the developing team to work a possible fix on a patch or update.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Atari Customer Support" onclick=";return false;

Helpful little bastards, aren't they?
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By Jeragger
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Now that I think about it, I may be mistaken about the bikes being "unlocked" with DLC2.

2012 was a long time ago and I can't recall if I had to use atari tokens to unlock them or not. I remember having to use them for the other stuff such as the ZR1 and the Veyrons (except the 16.4 I think)

Gosh this issue has me so frustrated and I'm hungry as well. I'm just going to have to leave it for a few days. At least Driver :SF works somewhat still. Heard that one had the full 900 degree support.
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By MadManCK
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There was never free DLC2. Only the Exploration pack was released for free with the Lancia Stratos and the Dodge Charger as apology to the community for the way the game was released.

But you should get access to your DLC files. Just start the game with the default launcher.

Unless you want to use the TDU2-UP. But than you have to unpack the game in a different map.

Only use unilauncher if you can't use the normal one.
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By Jeragger
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I heard about the unofficial patch but did not trust it. I've run the game in nothing but stock since I got it. I only used the universal launcher because I discovered it by accident, it allowed the game to start up near instant, and I did not have to start steam beforehand in order to run it. It also allowed me to play offline when the servers were down or on the fritz. Pretty much it. I didn't take an interest in modifying paint jobs on unpaintable cars, tuning Ferraris and the bikes to level 4, etc. I was happy with the game as it was.

As to the rest...No dice.

On the fresh character and account if I attempt to purchase any of the DLC cars, the bikes, etc. it says content is not available. I cannot even get into the casino. In addition, that blip that indicates you're near an undiscovered wreck is gone as well.

Some further searching got me to some threads on the steam community forums from people with the same issue. A few posters theorized that the links in game are borked and its no longer possible to buy the DLC in game. I'm skeptical about this because I did get on the game in march, april, and may of this year and I distinctly remember I unlocked then bought the Jaguar DLC car and the flared black mercedes and had no issues. There was no issue for me until I logged on yesterday and I got nuked with the "DLC vehicle hack detected" and all of my DLC was converted to pink mustangs. If you'd like , I can forward my email receipts for everything to you privately via email and you can see it for yourself.

I just now got finished installing and running the game off a separate hard drive and OS (My backup hard drive that I normally keep physically disconnected from my computer. Cryptolocker is scary.) and it was the exact same issue. I don't know if this is how they ban accounts or what, I had no problems getting online and interacting with other people in the game , its just that I no longer have access to ANY of the DLC content.

Right now I have a couple of possibilities I've come up with. The first one being that its an issue with the servers. If so, then others would have noticed by now, even players on these forums, and would have posted something. It still does not explain the DLC vehicle hack detected message though.

The second possibility is that I've received some sort of ban and it's tied to my product key, which explains why making a new account did not work either. The ban would have been tied to my product key, not my IP or account. I am unwilling to spend 20 dollars for another copy of the game though, then another 20 or so to repurchase all the dlc. I'd rather put that money towards the purchase of The Crew. (Read your write up btw. Convinced me to go pre order the "Muscle edition" from a local gamestop.)

The thing that frustrates me most is not the ruination of my save, the loss of DLC access (Corvette ZR1 was my favorite car to drive) ... I'm mainly frustrated with the fact that I cannot nail down a cause nor a solution to the issue. It just bugs the heck out of me.

Atari's customer support number, the one I found anyway, is no longer in service. I posted the response to the help request I submitted as well. I was aware of eden closing (and its recent resurgence, hooray !) and Atari's chapter 11 misadventures , so I wasn't expecting much help from them anyway.

What I was hoping for in posting this that someone here has had the same issue I have right now and has found a cause and solution or at least a solution. I know others have had this issue before but I've found very few forum postings about it and even then no cause or solution was posted other than using a backup save, which in my case does not fix the problem.

The more I think about it the more I suspect I received some sort of DLC ban tied to my product key. Some sort of automated ban. Maybe due to the conditions of the servers connectivity, it could not identify that I purchased the DLC and so saw it as a "hack" and automatically banned my key from accessing any of it.

Been playing the game since may 2012 with no issues. First time I've had a problem like this.
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By MadManCK
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Ok, we can't help you with this here.

Only Atari can." onclick=";return false;

So try the customer support and state your issue. Make it short, as long support tickets are usually answered with standard answers.

Good luck
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