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By Davidogg
Rank: Learner Driver
Once again I wanted to play TDU2, and I started it up yestarday. To my surprise all my DLCs were pink mustangs. Luckily, I had a back-up of the last time I played so I got my DLCs back. I played TDU2 for maybe 2 hours yestarday and I liked it.

Then today, TDU2 won't start up... God damn TDU2..... "Server is not available..."

So now what? Can anyone else play right now? I'm on PC.
If I restart the games enough times, will it work? :roll:
By snake250
Rank: Mechanic
yesterday, i was guessing the server was about to go down due to my problems i was having with my profile
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Davidogg wrote: the server goes down every weekend?
And how long were you playing TDU exactly... :whistle:

Server issues are most likely to happen in the Weekend. I say even 90% chance for it to happen during the weekend.

It used to be different when Mattlab was still running the server team. But i don't know if he even works there anymore and if he does, probably only a couple of days during the week to keep things running.

There are some private server initiatives in progress ATM.
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