Need Help with TDU2 Ask Here
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By Venomalix
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So, Are they up? I want to know if they are because I'm buying it soon and I want to be able to play it online. And should I buy it from steam? I have a lot of rumors about steam making a lot of errors..
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By MadManCK
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AFAIK the servers are still working.

You can try to grab a good deal at a steam sale. Sometimes they even sell for 5€, so worth a try.

You always need to use the TDU launcher to start the game. And update the game to the latest version.
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By Beardroid91
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It's a good game, but sadly you abit to late to the party, TDU2 is a ghost town online you rarely get a 8 player session - but should still be fun enough ;)

But you won't be getting the same experience as for when TDU2 peaked 2-3 years ago, back then it was just awesome - but it should still be fine for passing the time until The Crew comes out 8-)

Anyway good luck with it
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By grimx133
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The servers were up yesterday for online and the casino. The CRC/ORC has not been working for a while. The g/f booked off today, so I didn't load the game at all.
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May aswell ask this here, have the club servers went down or been reset on PC? Also have any leaderboards been reset? On Xbox the IC leaderboards were completely reset as were the club leaderboards and now club vs club racing is impossible as they don't seem to connect. Even if they could I doubt anyone would be doing them. Just want to see if it's only Xbox that is more broken than before Atari abandoned us.
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