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By MadManCK
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As the FFB in TDU2 only partially works, you can add some centering yes. But take a low value, like 25 or something.
And tick the box for in game effects yes. You will notice that it works a lot better on dirt than on tarmac. FFB was never fixed properly unfortunately.

I don't play with a G25/27 anymore. So i can not give you actual feedback of how it is now.
And remember i'm probably a bit stronger than average, so maybe those numbers are on the high side. You can always drop the overall strenght to 120 or 100. Or start at 100 to see how it works and add some more if the effects are too weak.

Those settings are just pointers for you to find your own good setup. Some like to add some speedfactor to make the car less nervous at high speed for example.
I used to play at 720 degrees before, but the game reacts better at 360. Some even play at 270 degrees.

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By Bezrider
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Was hoping to get some play time in on TDU2 over the holidays but can't find a way to get any of my wheels to work correctly. :(

The Thrustmaster TX wheel i use now doesn't get recognized as a wheel but it does get recognized as an Xbox controller so i can map it to the wheel controls but the end result feels very sloppy and virtually no feedback at all :(

It just wasn't fun to use so i thought, on to plan B :D
Dig my old Thrustmaster guillemot force feedback wheel out of the bottom of the wardrobe (the one i used to play TDU1 with :mrgreen: and also worked in TDU2 ) unfortunately, this did not go well either. :(
After plugging it in windows seemed to install something but upon inspection whatever it was it wasn't the drivers :roll: so i hunted the latest ones down on the Thrustmaster site and tried to install them but Win 10 was having none of it saying they are not compatible with a 64bit system. :angry-banghead:

I did try running the game anyway but the wheel is not recognized so it's either play with a very sloppy wheel setup or give up :( unless any of you guys can help come up with a better solution :mrgreen:

(I no i could play with my Xbox controller but playing without a wheel is not an option. :naughty: )
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By MadManCK
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With general settings you can make your wheel work as a controller. But it will never feel right. TDU2 really had bad wheel support, unlike TDU1, that was aweseome.

Xarlith made a custom wheel setup for my Fanatec CSW V1. But my current V2 is not supported.
There are ways to create custom wheel support, but none will work perfectly.
A tutorial "how to" is available.

It is ashame really that Eden games did not make good wheel support. Failing FFB and partial support for the known wheels was all there has ever been.

Lets hope TDU3 will do better in that regard. Just basic support is good enough.
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