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By Bezrider
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Ok so if you have been following this thread or at least read the last post you will know i have been having problems with the styles the forum uses.

Basically, this forum runs on a premium style i have to buy and customise to make the forum look different from other forums and hopefully stand out from the rest. (well that's the idea anyway :mrgreen: )

Because you pay for a premium style you get regular updates to keep the style compatible with any updates to the forum software, however for some unknown reason the author of the styles we use has abandoned it and removed them from sale this also means no updates or support for these styles. :shock:

This has left me with no option but to look for another style to use on the forum and i think i have found one that will do. :D

It is called FLATBOOTS
Doesn't look much like the one we use now but i will do a few alterations to get it close to what i hope will work for TduDT. :ugeek:

I have chosen this design because it comes from a reliable sauce and is regularly updated with a support forum. :D

The downside is most of the free extensions i have installed won't work with this theme so along with the price of the theme i will also have to buy any extensions i need to add extra features to the forum. The good side to this is they should all work and be regularly updated. :)

I've been working on the new style over the past few weeks testing things out and seeing what will work and what we may have to lose out on or make a compromise.

I am hoping to get it up and running soon but it will depend on what problems i come up against so no date yet. ;)

More to follow. :tdudt:
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By Beardroid91
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As long as there is a similar dark mode then it is fine by me ;)
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By Bezrider
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Just looked at the date when i started this project, July last year. :o

I've hit a lot of knockbacks along the way but it is getting nearer to the finish now :) at the moment it seems like most of my free time is taken up on this but i do grab the odd game of They Are Billions when i can to break the monotony (great game by the way :D )

This project has turned out to have a lot of code changes to it to get it working the way i want it on here and today i got another knockback, my graphics card gave up and died so i am now having to do all of the work on my laptop. :(

This is not ideal because i need to test things on different resolutions to see how things will look for all situations but money is a bit tight at the moment as i have spent quite a bit on premium stuff for the forum so i can't justify £500+ for a new card and buying an older model just isn't cost effective at the price they are going for so it will just have to wait. :(

I will post some updates in the next few days about what will be getting removed with the new style and some of what will be new. :D

Once it is all done maybe i can get back to doing more gaming and posting more but at the moment i don't seem to have much gaming to talk about. :(
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
Made some good progress over the weekend and got most of the problems with the new style sorted out. :D

Still some extensions on here that we use that are not compatible with the new style so over the next few days i will be removing them and if possible replacing them with something similar when the new style is up and running.

As i remove the ones that are not going to be used you may see some things change or disappear on the forum this will be normal and most will just be cosmetic like the Anual Stars ext that shows how many years you have been a member.
I am hoping to replace this and others with something similar. :geek:
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
If all goes well i will be doing a trial run of the new style next weekend to iron out any bugs that might have slipped through the net. :oops:

If all goes well i will leave it up and finish the rest of while it is live. :shock: :mrgreen:

Once it is fully finished i will start adding some of the more advanced premium extensions. :ugeek:
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