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By Bezrider
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Before applying to join the club please read the rules:

1. Please respect other club members at all times, everyone is entitled to an opinion even if you don't agree with it, however never make any personal attack or racial comments to another member.
2. If you do have an issue with a member then take it up with them in person, (do not start an argument on the forum) only contact an admin as a last resort.
3. Do not post any pornographic material, or links to illegal software.
4. We do not have an age restriction so anyone is welcome to join.
5. All posts must be in English
6. Spamming, trolling or any other similar activity on this forum is not allowed and will result in a Ban
7. Do not go around acting like a moderator and telling people what to do, if someone is misbehaving on the forum it will be dealt with by me or one of the moderators. (however if you notice something on the forum that you think needs our attention then please contact me or a Mod)
8.Swearing is not allowed in any posts on this forum, the only exceptions are The Sin Bin and the chat box as these cannot be viewed by the public.
9. All members avatars must be unique to that account, copying other members avatars is not allowed.
10. Anyone braking these rules may face a warning, continued rule braking will result in a ban, and in extreme cases this ban will be permanent.
11. And finally this forum is all about gaming and having fun so bring it on and welcome to the forum. :D

These rules are subject to change at any time.

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