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By Beardroid91
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MadManCK wrote:
Tue May 23, 2017 12:28 pm
This W10 update, which is in fact a complete new Windows version, was a nightmare on both my machines. I postponed it for a reason. Not only did i have to manually remove and re-install several drivers, it also changes settings and support.
My other PC, which has all kind of automatics running, did not even reboot but hanged.

From now on i will call them the Microsoft Maffia. :character-blues:

Just imagine the time and energy that it takes worldwide to fix these avoidable issues. :angry-banghead:

Anyway the installation hassle is over for now. :facepalm:

Lol now i'm scared to reboot my pc :lol: I also left it a very long time before thinking about installing the update, but hopefully it will just be plug 'n play on my pc.
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By Beardroid91
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Alright so that update was pretty hassle free, only 2 programs acted up, that i know of; my sidebar gadget bar just to be repaired, and then Geforce Experience acted strange, but did a clean install as i needed to update the driver anyway.

So now i just started to go into Windows' core settings to free up some extra performance, or just make my system less cloudy even though i like the clouds.
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By MadManCK
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That whole company is one big shady, misty NSA cloud :lol:

And you need indeed to re-install all dedicated drivers again. And reboot afterwards. :party:
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By Beardroid91
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Ahh those fuckers removed the "control panel" :( now it is a bloody maze to find stuff...

But you can still find and use it, Microsoft have just removed it from the easy finding spots where it used to be, so you have to search for it or make a shortcut for it. ... rs-update/

I used option 4; so i have a shortcut for ControlPanel in the start menu, rather than having to search for it every time.
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By MadManCK
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I had so many issues on my HTPC, including 5.1 sound not working anymore through spdif, even after installing an updated driver for the sound chip on the asus maximus. Also my MS wireless had massive input lag. And the whole PC felt sluggish.

So i went back to the previous W10 and now everything works fine, including 5.1 sound during gaming, TV shows and movies. As it should. :ugeek:

MS should be ashamed of themselves with these massive cock-ups every time. They can stick their "updates" where the sun don't shine.

I also ran some cleaner programs. You won't believe the amount of goo they leave behind. Sloppy, unprofessional and only to provide even more feedback to their evil masters. :twisted:

Rant over. Faith in Microsoft as well. If i had any left. :lol:
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By Korulax
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The installation of the W10 upgrade is very sloppy. :twisted:
With me the old W10 remained on the C plate with about 85 gig and has mine
250 gig SSD disk nearly full. :doh:
My SSD was already in the red area when I noticed it by chance
If you use the SSD disk as a "C" drive it can be stored at most with 85% full otherwise the SSD disk can get damaged and it will not run properly and you can have data loss. :think:
I then deleted the old W10 after a search and can now no longer go back. :(
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By MadManCK
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That is even worse than the issues i have.

Currently the FFB of my fanatec keeps dropping out. It appears that MS never tested this new W10 with other hardware than their own, which sucks.

If i continue to keep issues, i will revert here as well. :geek:

Edit; i just checked my SSD and it has indeed 300GB used. That is insane, as i have another disc for my Docs etc.
I use a 1TB SSD, that is why i did not notice the excessive use.

I'm under the impression that this update does more bad than good. It is only rigged to check your activities and removes basic functionality.
Not impressed by this W10 update.

I'm currently preparing to build a completely new rig. So i do not want to spend much time optimizing this one. I already made a clone of this OS before the update :mrgreen:
That one will be used in another system.

So my current SSD will be swept clean anyway before installing a brand new W10Pro. AMD does advise this as well, as Intel has different configurations.
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By MadManCK
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W10 will deteriorate even more in the near future. ... reators-up

Even paint will be removed.... twisted logic and cost cutting will eventually completely kill W10.

I really do hope one day someone will find a way to make DX work under Linux. Best Windows for Games remains W8.1, unless you want to play XB1 games, as you do need W10 than :roll:
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By MadManCK
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If you are experiencing audio issues, after upgrading W10 or rolling back to a previous version, you can try this solution;
Go to device manager. Go to sound video and game controller. high definition sound device. Right click properties go to driver tab then click on update driver, then the second one browse computer for driver software. Go to second option again stating let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Click on high definition audio device not the idt audio codec. Install and enjoy
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