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By Beardroid91
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MadManCK wrote:GTX1080 has better memory chips. Different type. Performance will be much better. But only interesting if you plan to get a 4K TV or something.

I'm under the impression that the Zotac GTX1070 Mini i have, does not go over 50 degrees somehow. Even if i raised max temps in Afterburner to 90. It downclocks to 1500 as soon® as it goes 51. :?

The power delivery is OK. It barely uses 40%. I only tried to reduce the mem clocks to see if more power went to the chip, which it did.
Power is also set to 110% in afterburner. Maybe i will have to use the Zotac tools instead, or the Nvidia driver is holding it back.

Something is holding it back and it is not the GFX card itself. :eeek:

PS I like Nvidia, despite their recent driver fails and hasty work sometimes. But i do not discriminate AMD. I have had their CPU's and GPU's before. Last one was a 6950, which performed well in TDU2. When they start to make the better GPU's i will look to camp red.
But for now Nvidia still has the edge and Pascal rocks :music-rockout:
That's Ncrapia for you, they over complicated the Pascal cards' BIOS's, so it is very likely that your card can't be overclocked without using Zotac's Firestorm OC tool to get more performance out of the card.

EVGA did the same thing with PercisionXOC where it is only EVGA 10x0 card owners that have access to it, so it wouldn't surprise me if Zotac had something similar.

But then again you might have gotten a complete lemon of a chip, as Zotac is binning their top cards to have the best possible chips, so the worse chips have to go somewhere, and why not put them in a lowpowered card like yours, heck it is even called "Mini" and it is their lowest besides the Founders 1070 they offer so they clearly targeted the small for factor builders with it.

But i hope i'm wrong about it being a lemon.
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By MadManCK
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Card is no lemon, lol. I have had it run at almost 2.100Mhz. Even with these 2x 92mm fans.

It is just the OC software that holds it back. But i did not buy it for massive OC. :D
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By Beardroid91
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Hmm okay i see :mrgreen:

Well only i think of is that the card isn't being loaded enough for it to justify running at boost.

Is it not only a 1080p screen it is pushing? Because Pascals lazy nature just puts it to sleep at 1920x1080p as it only uses 20-40% of the card, hekt i'm only using 58% running The Crew, and other games only use 40% at 2560x1440p at max settings, it is only The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt that have made my 1070 use 90% load.

Have you tried going into Nvidia control and changing the 3D settings to perfer max power for some of the games you have issues with?

PS. the thermal pads from EVGA just came today late as ever... :facepalm: But not have extra thermal pads to play with.
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By MadManCK
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These thermal pads might come in handy when you decide to go Water.

The card still does clock auto to 1911Mhz and then back to 1581Mhz, when 50 degrees has been reached.
I did install the Firstorm, which is awesome btw, it has all the goodies, including more detailed voltage regulation and also BIOS flash etc. For the rest it has the same functionality Afterburner has.

I think this is a driver issue. I might have to go back a lot for a good driver for my GTX1070. Power usage is a joke. 30% or something. And GPU usage sticks under 40%. The card barely gets to work.

We know Pascal does not like to get lazy.
I did activate DSR to Factor 1.78x, already had Nvidia manually set to max power and max performance.

Game does not run bad at 1581Mhz, but you do notice the difference in smoothness, compared to 1911Mhz.
It is also strange that it makes such big steps at once. Normally it only goes down or up in little steps.

Only other external factor i can think of might be the PSU. But i don't think so.

I have read somewhere about the 50 degree cap. A bit stupid TBH.
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By Beardroid91
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Hehe it is strange why your 1070 dislike going much above 50*c, but must drivers then.

Which driver is you using now ?

I'm using 376.33 with my card and i don't have issues, i saw that my card had had a max boost of 2075 mhz, the most i can ask for it - what i could see if i ran with water watercooling on it.
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By MadManCK
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It is probably related to Afterburner, because now it runs 1887Mhz at 63 degrees steady in skyrim. But i did add 2.0 and 2.25 factors to DSR and it still only uses half the capacity it seems :lol:

Firestorm works best for Zotac cards, so i continue to use that one. And i use the same Nvidia 376.33 driver. 8-)

Already had way too much Champagne and oil balls (Dutch treat). :woot:
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By Beardroid91
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Ah cool so it was software related, but still card manufactures should not lock you into only using their software.
MadManCK wrote:Already had way too much Champagne and oil balls (Dutch treat). :woot:
LOL going to be a long evening then, i'm just chilling at home i didn't really feel like going to yet another downtown newyears party, so i'm watching people blow up their money in colorful ways :lol:
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By MadManCK
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Bear304 wrote:Ah cool so it was software related, but still card manufactures should not lock you into only using their software.
I think a complete fresh reinstall of the MSI software should do the trick also. It is weird that with Nvidia driver updates, the MSI software needs to be manually reinstalled sometimes, as it does not recognize the new drivers. Only with a reboot or fresh reinstall. And obviously part of the functionality does not auto apply either.

With Firestorm i do not only have more functionality, it works as a charm. I leave everything at default now in my HTPC, as the GTX1070 mini clocks to 1885Mhz, while the factory boost clock is something like 1700Mhz. It clocks 10% higher out of the box without any tweaks. And the card stays cool too at around 63 degrees under load. That is 20 less than the NVidia FE :shock: .
And the Zotac has only 2x 92mm fans. I think this little one is awesome. :2thumbsup:

These Pascal chips have plenty of headroom and all surpass factory specs.
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By Beardroid91
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The sellouts at EVGA is launching a 10x0 FTW(2) line now, with a better mounted cooler, and new backplate, i can't say that i'm to happy about that, so EVGA just rekt the resale value even more.
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By MadManCK
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I say, just get an EKWB for it :party:

You have a nice new GFX from them, with thermal pads etc.
The fact that they have redesigned their cards due to the mess they made, is just a good sign from a company.

Resellers value wrecked? I dont really think so. The 1070 is really the sweetspot in the new line up. It is very good available already. Scarsity drives up the price. Resellers value will always be a bit less with these cards.
And FTW always has a good ring to it.

But why do you want to sell? VEGA?
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