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By Beardroid91
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You lost me a bit, how the water loop going to look now? Also why now have a male/male and a Tfitting coming out the bottom radiator, that would hide the temp sensor cables more cleanly.
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By MadManCK
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I need the T-splitter for the drain. Unfortunately it is a 3 way splitter and no 4 way. So there is no place for a temp sensor there.

The loop order will be res/pump - bottom rad - GPU - CPU - Top rad - res/pump.
The only difference will be how the water enters the res. Instead of using the pump intake, i will route the top radiator directly to the res top. Like shown in the pic, there is a very small space between them and that would make the loop look cool as well.

So, instead of filling the water in the top of the reservoir, i will use a tube from the intake with a fillport mounted on the other side. After filling up, i can secure the fillport as it can be closed. The tube with the fill port can be hidden away somewhere near the pump :mrgreen:

For easy filling i can attach the fillport somewhere high up and use a funnel in it. It will make maintenance a piece of cake.

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By Beardroid91
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Do you have a multi top for your reservoir? As the Res top only has the one port, how do you fill it up then, surely not the drain port ??

Edit; missed that part about the filling while reading in the busy cinema before the movie.
And no filling the system up using the pump intake is a bad idea get a multi top for the reservoir, then you can fill it up much easier, and don't risk running the pump dry which would kill it. So get the filler bottle and a multitop adapter. ;)

Also you should just get a 4 port splitter for the temp sensor and drain, they are cheap enough and would make it look much cleaner. :)

Sorry for the late reply was in the cinema earlier to watch Dunkirk, which was pretty good. 8-)
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By MadManCK
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I do not have a multi top and am reluctant to do any more parts ordering. It does not really matter how you fill the reservoir up. Only difference, is that the intake is down near the pump. But i will chat with EK later today, as i have some questions for them.

Maybe i will do another order, but than i will have to carefully make a list, so i do not have to order again.

The small res had an EK whirl dampener but also a small tube with an O ring. But in order to use that small tube, you need a hard tube fitting, which is not included. I might need that fitting, when i will use the top as part of the loop.

A quad splitter is what i need to create a sensor point. I must have one laying around somewhere.

A multi top might be a good idea, as i can also include a led to lit up the reservoir.

I will decide on new parts later today. I still need to connect all the small plugs on the Mobo and it is sweaty hot weather right now. So i might flee and enjoy the Sun somewhere.

If i do order a multi top, i do not have to order another T-splitter, as i can use the res input to mount the temp sensor than. But when i do a batch order, i will order 90 degree angeled fittings and a 4 way T split anyway to have more mounting options. Best point to place a temp sensor would be after the blocks, as the watrer will be hottest there.

I also saw that ASUS has released a new AM4 Mobo with more options. Good to see that they still improve their line up.
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By Beardroid91
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No the best place for the temp sensor would be before the blocks so you get a reading of the cooled coolant, but anyway any watercooled system will heat up all of the water at the same time, if the pump flow is good, so should matter to much, except you would get non accurate reading of the water temp. If it was me i would get a 4-port splitter and have it after the bottom radiator before it goes into the GPU block, that way you get a reading of the coolant at its coldest, it is the same way i have had it my watercooling loop, i have the temp right after the reservoir before it enter the blocks, and it gives me a reading of how efficient my loop is at dissipating the out of the water.

But having it at the reservoir/pump inlet is also a good option, but then you have to look at it, make sure you get the sleeved version of it then.
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By MadManCK
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I hate the non sleeved pump cables. Especially as they do sleeve them now. :angry-banghead:

But i do have some vulcanizing tape somewhere. First i need to get this thing working. I can not reed the motherboard signs. So i need the schematics for everything lol. This build....

Yes, the best place for the sensor is just after the big rad in the belly. There the water temp will be coolest. And cable management will be fine as well. So i do need a 4 way splitter than.

I might order some extra parts. Just for the final touch and to incorporate as much functionality as i can. I might even do a Delta T setup. But one sensor is ok. And i have a good one here.
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By Beardroid91
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Puh... that took abit longer that i thought it would, but i now have a new PSU shroud made out of a old piece of smoked plexiglass, it looks like a mirror and you wouldn't know the pump/tubes and PSU cables where right under it as it is just a black mirror.
2017-07-24 19.44.21.jpg
2017-07-24 19.48.00.jpg
2017-07-24 19.48.07.jpg
2017-07-24 21.12.22.jpg
This was a impulse upgrade mod, but it took much longer than i thought, as i had to cut, and test everything for it to fit right, but in the end it was worth it. ;)

Also took out the Noctua fans i had in the front, as they didn't fit in anymore, so i put in the two black and white Fractal 140mm fans, BUT, as the Define S is so super optimized for watercooling / radiator mounts, then i couldn't screw the two 140mm fans in the way i wanted to. So i had to strap them them in place with zipties, so now have custom height installed dual 140mm fans in the front of my case. :p (Edit, need take the PC ofline again, and change the fan cables for the dual 140mm fans as they are plugged into a PWM x2 splitter and the motherboard can't control them, so yay dinner is even more delayed now. :( )
2017-07-24 21.02.37.jpg
2017-07-24 21.14.20.jpg
2017-07-24 21.11.44.jpg
I also changed my cables back to my black 'n white CableMod cables, as i think i would want a more color neutral system, for when i swap out the watercooling tubes for clear or white and black.

But this is how the end result looks 8-)
2017-07-24 22.19.46.jpg
2017-07-24 22.32.01.jpg
2017-07-24 22.32.33.jpg
And now i want FOOD hungry i have been building it all night without a break.

I had to go into the BIOS to change the fan settings from PWM to AC, and now have i have both front 140mm fans running of the same x2 fan splitter so it setup right now.

( Mad take note of this, as you might have issues with setting up your pump via. the motherboard control, so if so then adjust the PWM or AC settings for the QFan control settings. )

Only issue now is the that the two Fractal 140mm fans only is 950 RPM fans, so i'm considering selling my 3 old Noctua fans (2x120 and 140) i a few Noctua fans now, if i sell the Noctua's i might be able to have enough to cover 2 new decent 140mm fans, maybe LED fans.
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By MadManCK
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That shroud looks nice. :rightthumbup:

Today i only did the small jumpers and plugs and quickly came to the conclusion that ASUS has too little USB connectors. But they do have a completely obsolete LN2 setup in the spot where the USB's should have been. Now i might have to make a custom solution to add 2 usb to 1.

The recently launched top model has more features and i wished they presented that one earlier. But i have to work with what i got now, so be it.

Also the unsleeved cables are annoying. The audio cable has also a non sleeved AC97 splitter. I might ask Cable Mod to do a complete set for my motherboard. On the other hand, i still have the unsleeved waterpump cable that is always in your face. I might try different solution, for instance a wider zipped or button down sleeve solution, that can be wrapped around a bunch of cables. But so far i have not found what i'm looking for. These little plugs are all at the bottom, so out of sight, but it always is a hassle to make a clean build if you need them and i do.

I will wait with ordering extra parts, until i have a complete list of what i need. :party:
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By Beardroid91
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To little USB's what dafuq, the Hero's back is nothing but USB, just how much junk do you need to hook up? + You can get some cheap but decent USB hubs.

Also you could use a black permanent maker to paint the cables to make them fade into the background abit more, here is how my black painted pump cables ended up. Granted i always wanted to take the connectors off and sleeve it in paracord never never had a good time to do so, as i want my pc running at all times with minimum down time.

2016-04-18 20.48.18.jpg

I have painted it once more since and looks pretty decent now.
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By MadManCK
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There are plenty of USB connectors at the back of the motherboard, but not enough internal connectors on the motherboard itself. It only has 1x USB3.0 1x 3.1 and 1x 2.0. I need more 2.0 for the built in control panel of the Cosmos.

I might need something like this;

Image ... sb-2.0-hub?

Image ... bh-m1.html

Or a simple 2 or 3 way splitter.

Edit; i might get the second one as it comes in handy to have some additional USB inside the case.
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